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Multinationals in China

The Tesla Model

by Mark Andrews | Nov. 11 2020

Elon Musk’s Tesla is bucking many trends in its new venture in the massive China market. Tesla is known.

Why Chinese Consumers are Leaving Multinational Brands on the Shelf

by Richard Whiddington | Jun. 20 2018

More domestic brands appearing on store shelves may indicate that the golden days for foreign brands are slipping away. “Made.

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Torben Pheiffer on Chinese Consumer Behavior in a Rapidly Changing Market

Chinese consumers have changed faster than consumers in probably any other market. Increasing exposure to international media and social media.

by Tom Nunlist | Aug. 17 2016

Will Fosun Group Become Another Berkshire Hathaway?

Fosun Group, the largest private conglomerate in China, has been on what looks like a no holds-barred acquisition spree.

by LiuSha | Aug. 3 2016

Uber China Faces a Massive Challenge in the China Market

Doing business in China has never been easy for foreign-owned companies, but Uber has largely managed to avoid conflict.

by Claire van den Heever | Jul. 12 2016

Apple in China: Can it Retain its Shine?

Greater China is now Apple’s number two market after North America, comprising 24% of its business. In October, Apple.

by Matthew Fulco | Apr. 25 2016

Understanding China’s Anti-Monopoly Law

At times controversial, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law is playing an increasingly important role in the country.

by Colin Shek | Jun. 29 2015

China Roundup: Apple China is Hot-Again

Apple China is back in the reckoning; Walmart announces brave expansion plan and Alibaba gives the YunOS a renewed push.

by Major | Apr. 30 2015

The Crackdown on Tax Evasion in China

Multinationals in China are coming under increased scrutiny due to allegations of tax evasion.

by Helen Roxburgh | Mar. 17 2015

The Glass Ceiling in China: Is it Getting Thinner or Thicker?

What does the prominence of successful business women, despite pressures from society and family, say about the glass ceiling in.

by Bennett Voyles | Dec. 29 2014

China Roundup: State of the Economy; MNCs Hit new highs (and lows); and the Alibaba Share Price Fall

This week, China’s factory activity improved a little even as factory employment figures slumped; Adobe announced its intention to.

by Major Tian | Sep. 26 2014

Face-off! MNCs versus Chinese Companies

In China’s fast-changing business environment, multinational companies are finding it increasingly hard to compete with Chinese companies.

by Suzanne Edwards | Sep. 9 2014

The Going Gets Tough for MNCs in China

A combination of factors such as a slowing Chinese economy, rising costs, lethal competition and increased government scrutiny are changing.

by Neelima Mahajan and Major Tian | Aug. 20 2014

In China’s Cosmetics Market Beauty is Pocket Deep

In China’s increasingly competitive cosmetics market who will come out ahead and who should re-evaluate?  Stepping into the.

by Jill Petzinger | May. 8 2014

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