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The Uprising of China Fintech

by Liu Sha | Apr. 8 2018

A new wave of dynamic internet finance companies is taking on China’s lumbering state-run banks.

Will China Be the First Country to Phase Out Cash?

by Liu Sha | Oct. 11 2017

Today, many young Chinese believe they could be the first to stop using cash.

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CKGSB Magazine March 2014: The Digital Takeover – Internet Finance versus Traditional Banks

You are invited to download the March 2014 issue of CKGSB Magazine. You’ll enjoy articles and interviews like: COVER.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Apr. 1 2014

Internet Finance in China: Will it Disrupt Traditional Banking?

As consumers drift towards easy-to-use internet finance in China, what will happen to traditional banks? Like many businesses.

by Ana Swanson | Mar. 31 2014

Regulating internet finance in China

Chen Long, Professor of Finance at CKGSB, believes that the authorities have to tread a fine line while regulating internet.

by Major Tian | Mar. 26 2014

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