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Talent Management, an Interview with Edward E. Lawler III

by John Christian | Jan. 25 2017

Business has changed, specifically the relationship between management and employees. Once upon a time, companies offered careers—long-term, stable.

The Wizards of Zhongguancun: The Rise of Online Vocational Schools in China

by Cameron Frecklington | Dec. 8 2015

Youngsters in China are looking for a more pragmatic approach to education that will lead to more money and a.

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The Future of Work: Hello robot, goodbye worker

How will the progress of IT and automation change the future of work? In 1988, Harvard Business School Professor Shoshana.

by Bennett Voyles | May. 30 2012

Labor in China: Moving on up

    As manufacturing sector gets more sophisticated, companies will have to break down the barriers between low-wage and.

by Jen Wang | Jan. 18 2012

Doing Business with China: The Power of Local

The experience of multinational companies shows that succeeding in doing business with China depends on a good understanding of local.

by Sam Waldo | Jan. 18 2012

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