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Bored Panda, Anyone?

by Patrick Body | Nov. 7 2022

Non-fungible tokens have exploded in popularity over the last year, but China is stressing the technology not the collectibles.

Digital Ties

by Sean Williams | Nov. 4 2022

Businesses across China, from large state-owned enterprises to small-to-medium enterprises are pursuing some level of digitalization.

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Auto Autonomy’s driverless taxis are helping usher in a new era of transportation and changing the face of the.

by Sherry Fei Ju | Jul. 15 2022

Digital Doctor

China’s health care system faces many unique challenges due to the country’s size and population, and digitalization is.

by Mark Andrews | Apr. 8 2022

Alternate Reality

The idea of an interconnected virtual world is gaining in popularity globally, but there is a possibility that China’s.

by SHI Weijun | Apr. 7 2022


Digitalization is changing not only the nature of cars, but also the relationship between brands, producers, suppliers and consumers.

by Mark Andrews | Dec. 3 2021

Automated Future

China’s manufacturing sector has embarked on an ambitious digital upgrade but is still far from a large-scale deployment.

by Shi Weijun | Nov. 30 2021

Machine Learning Shows Us the True Value of Data

Sun Baohong, Professor of Marketing at CKGSB, looks at the vital importance of machine learning to brand positioning and understanding.

by CKGSB | Oct. 29 2021

China is Leading The World in AI

The ever-wider use of Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the next step for business development across the globe—it promises.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Sep. 3 2021

Quantum Wars

China is now a major player in a key building-block of the future—raw computing power.

by Yi-An Chang | May. 26 2021

Navigating the World

China has joined an elite group by launching its own global navigation system, BeiDou.

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 15 2021

Facing Down the Virus

East Asia managed to contain COVID-19 quickly with a combination of three factors.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Oct. 21 2020

The Future Of Shopping

Alibaba is rapidly expanding its new retail food store chain, with stores operating on cutting-edge innovations.

by Mark Andrews | Jul. 13 2020

Virtual Education

The COVID-19 crisis turned taking online classes from being a mere option to becoming an absolute necessity.

by Mable-Ann Chang | Jul. 8 2020

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