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The Future of Eco-Fashion

by Li Mengjun | Apr. 16 2021

A case study by Li Mengjun, a researcher at the CKGSB Research Center for Social Innovation and Business for Good.

Hotpot Hospitality

by Colin Shek | Mar. 15 2021

Business for Haidilao has surged ahead, despite the pandemic.

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How to Design Your Next Product? Damage It

Professor Viard discusses the role of economics in everyday life in China and the world.

by Brian Viard | Oct. 27 2020

Applying Business Logic to Philanthropy: Adream Foundation

Structured like a business and operated on commercial lines, Adream is powered by the language of efficiency, and the use.

by Zhu Rui, Cui Huanping, Zhu Yunhai, | Mar. 30 2020

Going Global

China’s national sportswear champion, Anta, has set its sights on becoming the country’s new market leader. Will it.

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 19 2020

Freshly Brewed or Overly Roasted?

Chinese startup Luckin Coffee is expanding at a breakneck pace. How will Starbucks and other coffee players respond? Starbucks had.

by Mark Andrews | Dec. 1 2019

Shelter For Innovation

China is strengthening its intellectual property laws much faster than many realize. Intellectual Property Rights infringement has been a longstanding.

by Dominic Morgan | Oct. 23 2019

Changing Tides: The Chinese Management Style Adapts to Modern Times

As China shifts from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge-based economy, will the Chinese management style need to adapt.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Sep. 26 2019

Hungry for Profits: What is the Real Price of China’s Waimai Business?

Go to any restaurant in China around meal time and you’ll find blue, red and yellow-clad food delivery.

by Mark Andrews | Aug. 30 2019

Ray Williams on How to Make Your Teams More Productive

In his 23 years of executive coaching, Ray Williams, president of Ray Williams Associates in Vancouver, B.C., has advised.

by Bennett Voyles | Apr. 18 2019

Go Team! Understanding and Correcting Team Dysfunction

Many—maybe even most—business teams are dysfunctional. Whether your teammates are co-founders of a startup or the C.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 27 2019

Retail Revolution: Can Facial Recognition Transform China’s Retail Sector?

You may not recognize the name SenseTime. But if you have spent time in China recently, SenseTime will almost certainly.

by James Lord | Mar. 20 2019

Go Team! Why Teams Fail and How to Set Them Straight 

Business has always been a team sport, but over the past two decades, teams have become a much more central.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 18 2019

See in the Darkness: Cai Shiyin Discusses How Dialogue in the Dark Develops in China

“Human beings cannot see with their eyes in absolute darkness, but they can see with their mind,” says Cai Shiyin.

by Liu Sha | Feb. 18 2019

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