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An Uncommon Theory for Common Prosperity

by Damien Ma | Sep. 7 2022

The author of In Line Behind a Billion People: How Scarcity Will Define China’s Ascent reflects on the scenarios.

Special Delivery

by Mark Andrews | Sep. 23 2021

Chinese logistics companies are beefing up efforts to apply unmanned technology to logistics and delivery activities.

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Paradigm Shift Needed for Business Schools

Business schools need to adapt to the fast-changing demands of the world in order to survive.

by Zhou Li, Assistant Dean of CKGSB | Sep. 16 2021

Groupon on Steroids

Pinduoduo’s unique business model allowed it to carve out a top spot in the ultra-competitive e-commerce landscape.

by Mark Andrews | Jun. 1 2021

The Future of Eco-Fashion

A case study by Li Mengjun, a researcher at the CKGSB Research Center for Social Innovation and Business for Good.

by Li Mengjun | Apr. 16 2021

Hotpot Hospitality

Business for Haidilao has surged ahead, despite the pandemic.

by Colin Shek | Mar. 15 2021

Applying Business Logic to Philanthropy: Adream Foundation

Structured like a business and operated on commercial lines, Adream is powered by the language of efficiency, and the use.

by Zhu Rui, Cui Huanping, Zhu Yunhai, | Mar. 30 2020

Going Global

China’s national sportswear champion, Anta, has set its sights on becoming the country’s new market leader. Will it.

by Mark Andrews | Mar. 19 2020

Changing Tides: The Chinese Management Style Adapts to Modern Times

The Chinese management style is adapting as China shifts to a knowledge-based economy.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Sep. 26 2019

Go Team! Understanding and Correcting Team Dysfunction

Outsized egos and mis-sized groups are frequently cited causes of team dysfunction, but they aren’t the only problem.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 27 2019

Go Team! Why Teams Fail and How to Set Them Straight 

Over the past two decades, teams have become a much more central concern for managers.

by Bennett Voyles | Mar. 18 2019

Africa Calling: How Transsion Rose to Dominate the African Phone Market

Shenzhen-based smartphone maker Transsion Holdings has followed an unlikely path to success.

by Colin Peebles Christensen | Dec. 3 2018

Minimalist Consumers Buy Experiences Not Things

Statistics show that in the West at least, the long shopping spree is ending.

by Bennett Voyles | Oct. 9 2017

Networking 2.0 Series: How to Work Your Network

In this four-part series, we look at how online social networks are changing the way business is done.

by Bennett Voyles | Aug. 2 2017

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