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China Data February 2017: Home Loans, Outbound Travel, Sharing Bicycle and More

China’s home loan market reached $539 billion in the first nine months of 2016, more than double the same.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Feb. 15 2017

Ad It Up: Advertising Spending in China is Evolving

China strives to be a consumer-based economy, so it isn't surprising that advertising spending has risen by leaps.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jan. 18 2017

CKGSB Knowledge Winter 2016 issue: Towards a Re-globalized World

The Winter 2016 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like: On the Cover: Towards a.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Dec. 15 2016

November 2016 China Business Conditions Index: Profitable, but Troubled

Optimism for Chinese firms is increasing. As they’re making money, they also face different issues. The CKGSB Business Conditions.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Dec. 7 2016

Chinese Express Delivery Companies Deliver a New Way of Life

Each year Alibaba breaks a new record on Singles Day, the 24-hour online shopping extravaganza has now become a.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Nov. 3 2016

China Data: Outbound M&A, Chinese Domestic Brands and More

China is taking its place to be one of the world’s largest M&A markets. In the first six.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Oct. 28 2016

China’s Industrial Economy Contracts in Q2 2016: Long-term Outlook Remains Positive

China’s industrial economy remains at the bottom of an L-shaped economic trend, according to the latest CKGSB survey.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Sep. 8 2016

CKGSB Knowledge Fall 2016 Issue: The Middle Minority

The Fall 2016 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like: COVER STORY: The Middle Minority.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Sep. 8 2016

CKGSB Business Conditions Index for August 2016: Optimism prevails, but is on the wane

Everyone in the world is concerned about how the Chinese economy is faring and understandably so. China’s linkages with.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Sep. 5 2016

Out to the World: More Chinese Students Studying Abroad

More Chinese students are studying abroad than ever before, here are the numbers. Chinese students are studying overseas in much.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Aug. 1 2016

China Data: McDonald’s China Ups the Ante

The world’s largest restaurant chain is gearing up to do even more in China. In a bid to make.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jun. 15 2016

CKGSB Knowledge Summer 2016 Issue: Is China Running Out of Policy Tricks?

The Summer 2016 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like:  COVER STORY: Wanted: A Miracle.

by CKGSB Knowledge | Jun. 15 2016

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