China's 3rd Revolution: Xi is Transforming the Middle Kingdom

The era of Deng Xiaoping is over in China. We are now living in a new historical epoch: the era of Xi Jinping.

Will China Dominate the Global Lithium Supply?

Beijing believes is has gained control of the global lithium supply--the key to lithium batteries and electric cars industry.

Race for 5G: Will China Dominate Future Wireless Internet?

China and the US are locked in a furious battle for control of the next generation of wireless internet networks. The winner will gain a big economic advantage for years to come.

Bytedance: China's BuzzFeed with Brains?

Chinese software startup Bytedance has hooked hundreds of millions smartphone users on its content apps. Now it aims to take on the big beasts of Silicon Valley in the global market.

Who Wins American Trade Wars?

“Trade wars are easy to win,” says US President Donald Trump. But what did the US politicians’ pursuit of trade wars in the 19th and 20th centuries yield?

To succeed in international business, you and your organization need reliable knowledge. Facts you can trust. Insights you can use. CKGSB provides a wide variety of global insights based on a firm foundation of research, with a particular emphasis on China. Our world-class faculty—who have a unique bi-cultural perspective—conducts independent research into many sectors of business and economic life, resulting in original data and views.

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CKGSB Knowledge reaches an international audience across China, North America and Europe in print and online via The magazine features original articles and content on business and economy in China, the evolution of “Made in China,” policy issues, innovative business models emerging from China, the globalization of Chinese multinationals and foreign multinationals’ strategy and operations in China. It also features interviews with influential thought leaders and CEOs on trending topics and stories of global significance.

The Case Center

With a collection of more than 400 case studies, the CKGSB Case Center produces teaching material that generates debate and understanding of the realities of the Chinese business environment.

Since 2003, the CKGSB Case Center has developed a large portfolio of strategy cases, addressing how Chinese companies should go global, how multinationals can win out in China, and how family-run firms can best handle succession planning. Topics covered include government – business interaction, human resources in China, and analysis of innovative practices.

Research Centers

With 16 specialized research centers, CKGSB is a leader in global research on topics such as innovation, sustainability, globalization, entrepreneurship and emerging markets. CKGSB is the authoritative source of knowledge detailing how newly globalized Chinese companies are transforming business in both developed and emerging markets. Furthermore, CKGSB offers insights and thought leadership on how multinational companies should integrate China and emerging markets business plans into their global strategy, to successfully do business in China and with China.


CKGSB’S Academic Information Discovery System offers students quick access to a wide range of resources in print and digital formats. These include Chinese and English-language resources on all management-related topics, as well as data. 

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