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CKGSB unites expertise from the East with deep experience from the West through engaging its world-class faculty members, a large percentage of whom are natives of China and have previously held distinguished, tenured positions at top institutions such as Wharton and Yale prior to joining the school. CKGSB’s 40+ full-time, resident professors represent the best in global business education and will help you better understand the complex Chinese business landscape.



CKGSB’s faculty hail from esteemed academic institutions, and aim to bring you and your organization unique insight into China, combining first-hand knowledge of the country with a firm grounding in Western business theory and practices.



One of the key reasons world-class professors join CKGSB is that they experience the same level of autonomy and freedom of inquiry as they would at a leading business school in a developed economy. Our faculty are defined by their innovative research output, distinguished educational backgrounds and prestigious past professorships at leading business schools.



Faculty Snapshot


Mei Jianping

Finance Professor, PhD in Finance from Princeton University


Professor Mei, whose research interests include asset pricing, has written extensively on the art and real estate markets. He co-developed the Mei Moses Fine Art Price Indices, now widely used to track international art prices.

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SUN Baohong

Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean for CKGSB Americas
Director of the CIM Center
PhD, University of Southern California


Professor Sun Baohong is the Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing and the Associate Dean of Global Programs. She also directs CKGSB's Customer Information Management Center.

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Selected Faculty Insights

Gan Jie
Professor of Finance and Director of Center on Finance and Economy Growth
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


China’s economy is today more important than ever to the world’s economic activity, but pinpointing exactly how much, and in which areas, China is growing is becoming increasingly difficult, especially given the unreliability of official data. However, Professor Gan Jie’s large-scale, micro-level company survey on China’s industrial economy – described as the first of its kind in China –sheds light on China’s economy and reveals some surprising answers.


Professor Gan sums up her latest survey results in quarterly reports, which explain both how the industrial sector is coping and what types of reforms could help ease China’s transition, and previews what lies in store for China’s economy over the months ahead. Read more from her recent reports below:


Weak Demand Still a Challenge, but Outlook Improves for China


Some interesting trends about China’s industrial economy have begun to emerge from the latest installment of CKGSB Professor Gan Jie’s quarterly survey.



Excess Capacity and Sluggish Investment Hit Chinese Economy


Finance Professor Gan Jie’s latest quarterly survey reviews 2014 as whole and looks ahead to what the new year might bring.



Financing Not an Issue, but Weak Demand Remains a Concern


The current state of China’s economy is revealed with an in-depth analysis of 2,013 Chinese firms by CKGSB Finance Professor Gan Jie.



China’s Industrial Economy at a Crossroad

Finance Professor Gan Jie details some surprising insights about China’s industrial economy, with the launch of her groundbreaking quarterly large-scale survey.