CKGSB Economics Professor Li Wei, creator of the CKGSB Business Conditions Index (BCI), tells a Knowledge Series audience that China must accelerate its planned economic reforms to put manufacturing resources to better use as the nation’s debt and overcapacity problems worsen.

CKGSB’s pioneering Understanding China’s Next Move course is back by popular demand, with this year’s program centering on the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship, areas that have become central to the government’s future strategy.

Eight years after the first wave of Chinese bankers returned home from Wall Street, another group is following suit – and CKGSB Professor of Finance Cao Huining says that opportunity awaits when they arrive.

Women who speak up at work can rise to executive positions in companies where men make the major career-advancement decisions, an audience at a special CKGSB Knowledge Series panel discussion to commemorate International Women’s Day, Women Ascending, from Base Camp to Summit: Tools for the Climb, was told.

Alan Yan, founder of AdChina, the Chinese Internet marketing firm recently acquired by Alibaba Group, told a CKGSB Knowledge Series audience that the online-to-offline (O2O) market remains a “huge” China investment opportunity, despite a shakeout that has raised concerns that the O2O boom is a mirage.

The Wall Street Journal’s sister company Dow Jones Newswires publishes a dedicated article on Prof Li Wei’s Business Conditions Index, a monthly survey that takes the pulse of some of China’s leading entrepreneurs and executives.

CKGSB Professor of Marketing Li Yang delivers keynote speech in some of the hottest China-related topics to an enthusiastic audience attending the term-changing conference of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in China.

Liu Ling, a managing director at New China Capital Management, the investment manager for Cathay Funds, told a CKGSB Knowledge Series event that China’s stock-market gyrations are the growing pains of a “healthy and solid” economy, highlighted by China’s middle class overtaking America’s to become the biggest in the world.

China Daily and a host of other domestic media outlets cover the school’s prominent forum for young investors, co-hosted by CKGSB’s pioneering Chuangchuang Community, which seeks to be a growth accelerator for start-up companies.

Despite going through a minor recession, China is still a valuable part of the global economy, according to CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing. In an interview with influential Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, he expressed optimistic views about China’s growth as it seeks to address its wealth distribution and environmental issues.

CKGSB New Year’s Seminar 2016 brought together more than 130 Korean business leaders who were looking for opportunities in China’s emerging economy. Dean Xiang Bing and Professor Cho Dong-Sung delivered special lectures, while an introduction about the CKGSB-IMD Dual EMBA program was also provided.

CKGSB Professor of Accounting James Ohlson looks back on his distinguished academic career and also gives some advice to those looking to make it in his field, as he celebrates becoming the 93rd member of the Accounting Hall of Fame.

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