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Ready for the Big Screen: Chinese Movie Makers flourish in the lime-light

by CKGSB Knowledge

May 5, 2012

The Chinese film market has never had it so good. The number of films produced each year is increasing, box office collections are rising and the number of movie screenings has also shot through the roof. However, Chollywood, as the Chinese movie industry is called, has barely scratched the surface in terms of its potential.

Yu Dong, chairman and CEO of the Nasdaq-listed Bona Film Group, has been watching the evolution of this industry for more than two decades now. Bona Film Group, the company he founded, has an integrated business model that includes film distribution, production, exhibition and talent representation. More recently, Bona has been in talks with several Hollywood studios including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox to co-produce movies.

In this interview with CKGSB Knowledge held on the sidelines of CKGSB’s China-Japan CEO Forum in Tokyo, Yu Dong talks about the potential of China’s film industry, future opportunities and prospects for international collaboration.

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