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Nicholas Lardy on rebalancing the Chinese economy

by Neelima Mahajan

July 14, 2012

Nicholas R. Lardy, the Anthony M. Solomon Senior Fellow at the Washington D.C.-based Peterson Institute of International Economics, has been watching the Chinese economy for more than three decades now. His first book on China – Economic Growth and Distribution in China – was published in 1978. Over the years, Lardy has chronicled the rise of the Chinese economy through several books such as The Future of China’s Exchange Rate PolicyChina’s Rise: Challenges and OpportunitiesDebating China’s Exchange Rate Policy, and China: The Balance Sheet–What the World Needs to Know Now about the Emerging Superpower.

His latest book, Sustaining China’s Economic Growth after the Global Financial Crisis, discusses China’s response to the crisis and examines the imbalances in the economy. Lardy advocates rebalancing the Chinese economy through a slew of policy measures. During a recent visit to Beijing, Lardy took time out of hectic schedule to discuss his work with CKGSB’s Neelima Mahajan and Carol Wang.

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