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CKGSB Magazine March 2014: The Digital Takeover – Internet Finance versus Traditional Banks

by CKGSB Knowledge

April 1, 2014

(CKGSB Magazine Volume 13: Click to download)
(CKGSB Magazine Volume 13: Click to download)

You are invited to download the March 2014 issue of CKGSB Magazine. You’ll enjoy articles and interviews like:


The Money Matrix: As Chinese consumers show an increasing preference for easy-to-use internet finance, what will happen to traditional banks?


China’s Crushing Debt: How serious is China’s local debt problem? A look at the ticking time bomb.


Down on the Farm: China desperately needs to bring its agricultural sector into the modern age, but who’s going to get it there?

Smog Warriors: Smog in China has reached apocalyptic levels, which is great news for the country’s pollution profiteers?

Beauty is Pocket Deep: In China’s increasingly competitive cosmetics market, who will come out ahead and who should re-evaluate?

A Brave New World: What bitcoin’s tumultuous year has taught us about the relationship between China’s investors and regulators?

Phoenix Rising: Can Phoenix TV, a traditional TV broadcaster, successfully play ball in China’s digital content market?

Body of Business: Will investment sentiment survive in China’s beleaguered healthcare sector?

Regenerative Economics: Who is positioned to make the most money from stem cell therapy, and who or what will stand in their way?


The Thinker Interview: Reverse Engineering Gangnam Style

Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, on the science of going viral and how companies can use it

C-Suite: Riding on China’s Growth

Patrick Horgan, Regional Director of North East Asia, on how Rolls-Royce diversified in China

C-Suite: Turbo Brand

Edwin Fenech, President and CEO of Ferrari China, on how Ferrari is tuning its China message in the face of luxury pushback from the government and hyper-competition for luxury car consumers.


Commercial Anxiety: A second month’s decline in overall business outlook reveals some nerves surrounding future risk


Reasons to be Optimistic About China: China’s economy is in for the long haul. Here’s why


Cracks In the Ceiling: CKGSB Magazine cuts through the punditry and asks women business leaders to air their views on China’s ‘glass ceiling’


And the Beat Goes Online: How China’s musical talent navigates piracy and red tape


Sandeep Bahl, Asia-Pacific General Manager for Air New Zealand, shares his business and philosophical must-reads



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