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CKGSB Knowledge Winter 2014 Issue: China Embraces the Sharing Economy

by CKGSB Knowledge

December 2, 2014

CKGSB Knowledge Volume 16: Click to download

The Winter 2014 issue of CKGSB Knowledge is out! It has articles and interviews like:


  • No Purchase Necessary: The sharing economy has threatened traditional industries in the West in the last few years. Now it’s gaining a foothold in China


  • From stats on growth in R&D spending to precious metal exports, the China numbers you need to know


  • The Big Number: China’s share of global GDP through the ages


  • China+1: Does it Add up? As China changes, companies weigh up other options for manufacturing
  • Where is China’s Silicon Valley? As China seeks to innovate and upgrade its economy, can any region in the country be compared to Silicon Valley?
  • A Lightweight in China: Amazon is redoubling its efforts in China, but will it succeed at the second time of asking?
  • The Davids versus Goliath: With its huge scale and steps towards global dominance, can anyone rival Alibaba in China?
  • The Property Conundrum: With a slowing property market witnessing a difficult patch, the Chinese government faces a tricky balancing act
  • The Zone: A year on from its debut, has the Shanghai Free Trade Zone fulfilled the desires of investors?
  • First Response: As the business environment matures, for firms in China crisis management has become essential
  • Farewell, My Consultant: Do Western consultancies need to wave goodbye to China?


  • On the Up, Just: After a dip earlier in the year, entrepreneurial confidence is back


  • C-Suite: Veronica Wu, Vice President (China) for Tesla Motors explains what it’s like to bring much-hyped innovation to China
  • The Thinker Interview: Strategy guru Gary Hamel, author of books like Competing for the Future, on the coming revolution in the role of management
  • Q&A: Tom Doctoroff, CEO of J. Walter Thompson Asia-Pacific and author of Twitter is Not a Strategy, tells us why marketing basics still matter in the digital age
  • Q&A: Nicholas Lardy, economist and author of Markets Over Mao, sets the record straight on the role of the state in China’s economy


  • CKGSB Dean Xiang Bing on why the seeds of humanity must flourish in business education


  • A Chinese Tiger Woods? China’s golfing prodigies make an impact


  • Joel Backaler, Associate Vice President at FSG and author of China Goes West, on his reading list


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