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Come and join us as Airlander explains its technologies and market strategy and how China will take a leading global role in the development of this exciting type of aircraft. CEO Mr. McGlennan will also tell the story how the company was spun out of the US military and became a commercial business.

The world is changing and business needs to change with it. But in an increasingly complex and divided world, which businesses will have a future in five years? A recent study showed a staggering lack of diversity on board, with no ethnic Chinese or Asian executive directors in the FTSE 100. With this in mind, join the British Chamber's new Women in Leadership Forum to debate what a competitive board should look like in the 21st century.

Join us for a panel discussion on bridging the delivery gaps between the Chinese and American healthcare systems. Experts including Dr Henry Cao and Dr Lin Ning will share their knowledge of the disparities and similarities between the two countries in terms of quality of care, pharmaceutical & device  market regulation and innovation.

Join CKGSB’s Visiting Professor Wang Yanbo for an evening dissecting the business-model of crowd-sourcing, as well as learn about the CKGSB MBA program to advance your business career.

Join us for a special morning exploring Cross Border Innovation, featuring Ambassador Gary F. Locke, former Governor of Washington State, US Secretary of Commerce, and, most recently, US Ambassador to China.

This winter, take a minute to meet up with current CKGSB MBA students, elite alumni, and prestigious professors.

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