In today's revolution of computer and information technology there is an abundance of readily available information to be exploited as part of marketing practice. It is important to be able to recognize, organize and use data intelligently and correctly. This talk will provide an overview of some basic tools that are useful, or necessary, in understanding consumers and making marketing-related decisions.  

CKGSB is pleased to host Economist CEO Andrew Rashbass, plus several of China’s most prominent media executives, for a dialogue on how traditional media can meet the challenges of the digital era, and the strategies that will help them prepare for new technologies.

Join CKGSB’s online information session on May 19th and discover first-hand the impact a top business school in China can have on your career. 

Join CKGSB’s online information session on May 19th and discover first-hand the impact a top business school in China can have on your career.

Innovation has become the engine of business success that defines some of the great business leaders of the last 50 years. Companies like Google, Apple, 3M, Singapore Airlines, Baidu are known for the brilliance of their products and the creative drive built into their culture.

Teng Bingsheng, CKGSB Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Strategic Management, is scheduled to speak at “China: Prepare for Opportunity,” an event on outbound investment organized by the Economist Intelligence Unit in Beijing on May 14.

CKGSB 4-Hour MBA Experience

November 20, 2017 | Events

Experience how the CKGSB MBA can accelerate your career in a special 4-hour MBA session on May 11th in Beijing. Explore the unique China insight that multinational firms are searching for during a MBA lecture. Discover the top career advice that helps foreigners successfully build China careers from Larry Wang, CEO of Wang & Li Asia Resources- China’s recruitment firm of the year in 2008.  Network with CKGSB alumni and students as they share the impact the CKGSB MBA has had on their professional development. The CKGSB MBA Experience on May 11th is the final chance to sample one of China’s top MBA programs for the 2013 intake.

CKGSB is pleased to be hosting Barry Salzberg, Chairman of United Way Worldwide and CEO of Deloitte, at 9:30-11:00AM on April 23 at CKGSB’s Beijing Campus. Mr. Salzberg will be joined by prominent CKGSB alumni who are leading China’s nonprofit sector for a discussion on what’s next for philanthropic leadership. These alumni include Wang Zhenyao, Dean of Philanthropy School of Beijing Normal University; Li Yapeng, Founder of Yan Ran Smile Angel Foundation; Chen Weihong, CCTV anchor and philanthropist; and Wang Rupeng, General Secretary of China Red Cross Foundation. Together, these influencers will engage in a discussion, moderated by CKGSB Associate Dean Teng Bingsheng, on innovations and best practices in the public interest field.

Learn about the strengths that will help you accelerate your career. On April. 21st, join Gavin Liu, Senior Manager of CKGSB's Career Management Center, to explore your career potential and discover how you can develop professionally. During a special MBA career lecture, Mr. Liu will provide assessments and career development counseling to help you set a course for success.

Join CKGSB MBA’s One Day MBA Training Camp in Shenzhen, April 20th. Experience the opportunities a top MBA program offers through sample lectures from CKGSB’s world class faculty, personalized career development coaching, teambuilding exercises and networking activities with other business professionals, and discussions with CKGSB’s alumni.

While a small country, Luxemburg provides a vast platform for interaction among various cultures under the context of globalization. What exactly is the lifestyle and the spirit of humanities in Luxemburg?  What does the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg have to teach us about cultural inheritance? On April 16th, Dr. Tu Weiming, CKGSB Honorary Professor and Chairman of CKGSB Committee on the Humanities, will join Luxemburg Ambassador to China Carlo Krieger to shed light on these questions in a discussion on Culture & Global Citizenship.

In the past five years, the city of Hefei realized 4100 billion RMB in GDP, with an average annual growth of 16%, becoming the fastest growing provincial capital in China. The 2013 CKGSB Management forum will explore the Innovative and strategic growth in the region.

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