CKGSB Publishes “Deciphering the Impact of COVID-19 on China Business,” Digital Report

Dec 23, 2020

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Drawing on its world-class faculty and unrivaled China insights, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) publishes a special digital report, “Deciphering the Impact of COVID-19 on China Business,” which offers expert research and analysis on business and the economy in an unprecedented year. Using CKGSB’s unique interdisciplinary approach, professors from China’s leading business school explore the effects of the pandemic through five critical themes: psychology, finance, economy, business and the environment. Only through a more holistic and in-depth understanding, can business leaders find answers to the future in these uncertain times.

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior Zhang Xiaomeng documents the changes in leadership, organizational management and psychological resilience of workers during and after lockdown where she found over 60% of entrepreneurs surveyed were doing their best to stay positive during the early months of COVID-19. Assistance Professor of Economics Zhong Ling examines the transformation of online education companies and their push to innovate in the post-pandemic world. Professor of Accounting and Finance Liu Jing’s quarterly investor sentiment survey reveals interesting insights into investor expectations in China’s capital markets in 2020. Professor of Strategic Management Teng Bingsheng’s article on China’s live streaming e-commerce boom reveals how the national lockdown restrictions helped to fuel a whole new industry. Finally, Professor of Marketing Zhu Rui, who oversees CKGSB’s Social Innovation and Brand Research Center, looks at China’s delivery industry’s efforts to become more sustainable, especially in a year where online e-commerce has become an essential service.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event that has upended global supply chains, challenged traditional business operations and thrown decade-long economic growth into disarray. It has forced the world to undergo great changes that have not occurred in a century, and what comes next is hard to predict with any precision. The lessons learned from China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be applied globally as many nations are rolling out vaccinations and looking forward to recovery in 2021.

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