Chinese Economy Took a Hit During SARS, COVID-19 Could Knock It Over
Chinese Economy Took a Hit During SARS 03- CKGSB

Opinion By Dr. Ouyang Hui and Ye Dongyan Dr. Ou-Yang Hui is the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance, Associate Dean for EMBA and a Professor of Economics at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Ye Dongyan is a researcher at the Financial Innovation and Wealth Management Research Center at Cheung Kong Graduate School of …

CKGSB Alumni’s Contributions Towards Alleviating the Coronavirus
Cheung kong graduate school of business-worldwid-logo- CKGSB

The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented significant challenges to both China and the global community. Fundamental to the core of CKGSB’s mission to cultivate transformative business leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility who strive for social and global good, the CKGSB community has come together to provide and gather support for those affected …

Rumors and Fake News Are Societies Worst Adversaries When Maintaining Rational Consensus
Maintaining Rational Consensus02- CKGSB

[Beijing, February 18, 2020] Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) Professor of Accounting and Finance Liu Jing recently published an article relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, the context for rumours to spread and the ability for society to rationally access and reach a consensus on facts. Here are a few of his key points: …

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