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August 13, 2018
Is China Pumping the Brakes on its Transition to a Services-Based Economy?
The World Bank estimates that up to 77% of jobs in China could be made redundant by machines in the long term. Investing in robots will become more attractive for manufacturers. The Chinese government also pledges to make China a “world factory” of...read full article
July 30, 2018
China IPOs: Why Chinese Companies List Overseas
For many years, China’s emerging companies, especially those in the internet sector, have relied on foreign capital. Alibaba and Tencent were nurtured by overseas venture capital, and were eventually listed abroad. These two companies have today become...read full article
July 25, 2018
Why Are So Few Companies Going Public?
Public companies are becoming rarer these days. In the US, for example, the overall number of listed firms has fallen by almost half since 2000. Global M&A could be one reason for this, because being a big firm is very important for many industries...read full article
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