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April 17, 2019
Unplugging America: Is China Ready to Reduce Reliance on Foreign Technology?
October 27 of 2018 was supposed to be a historic day for China’s growing aerospace industry. Landspace, a Beijing-based startup, was set to become the first private Chinese firm to launch a rocket into outer space. Then, at 6:40 pm, a fault occurred....read full article
March 27, 2019
Go Team! Understanding and Correcting Team Dysfunction
Many—maybe even most—business teams are dysfunctional. Whether your teammates are co-founders of a startup or the C-suite of a Fortune 500 company, the evidence suggests you are probably not working together as productively as you might. Outsized...read full article
March 25, 2019
State Advances, Private Retreats
A blog post by a self-styled financial veteran knocked the wind out of the Chinese business community recently. The author, Wu Xiaoping, argued that the country’s private firms should step aside and allow the state to increase its dominance of the economy....read full article
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