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October 11, 2018
Funding China’s Future: What Can Green Finance Do?
Cleaning up China’s poisoned air, water and soil and transforming its industry-dependent economy is a vast task, one that may need an investment of up to 620 billion per year—and government can only directly fund 10-15%. To achieve its ambitions,...read full article
September 19, 2018
Spreading Their Wings: How Millennials Turn the World of Travel Upside-down
Chinese millennials promise to reshape the global tourism industry. Unlike their parents’ generation, who preferred to travel abroad on Chinese-organized tour groups, today’s young Chinese are independent, individualistic and willing to try more adventurous...read full article
September 17, 2018
Will China’s EV Startup Nio Be the ‘Tesla Killer’?
Chinese auto startup Nio just had its $1 billion US initial public offering. While the share price fluctuates, investors ask the same question: will the Shanghai-based upstart supplant Tesla as the world’s top luxury electric car brand? Like Tesla,...read full article
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