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July 06, 2018
Brexit and China, a Discussion with Leslie Young
China played a surprisingly prominent role in debates surrounding the UK’s 2016 referendum on leaving the EU. For leading “Leavers”, Brexit was a chance for Britain to free itself from a stifling Brussels bureaucracy and build stronger trade relations...read full article
June 27, 2018
Business is Business: Yuval Ben-Sadeh, Chairman of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China
Yuval Ben-Sadeh keeps things simple. For the Chairman of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham), business is business, rules are rules and everything else is just talk. Why waste time arguing about Chinese policy toward foreign businesses when...read full article
June 25, 2018
Video Games Turn Serious 
People love video games. They feel relaxed and entertained in the virtual world. However, there is a trend towards games that are practical and serious—games that are used to teach and train for certain skills. Soldiers, surgeons, securities traders...read full article
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