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In the Media

  • 2015-04-15 · Beijing

    With China’s stock market continuing to break records, not everyone is convinced by the current trend. CKGSB Associate Professor of Strategic Management Teng Bingsheng offers some sage advice for those interested in the tech sector.

  • 2015-03-30 · Beijing

    With the CKGSB Business Conditions Index (BCI) posting its highest reading for nearly a year, things are looking up for competitive companies in China, despite the potential impact that continuing macroeconomic risks might have on operations.

  • 2015-03-19 · Beijing

    As part of CNBC’s monthly Inside China documentary series, CKGSB Professor Mei Jianping gives his thoughts on oversupply in the real estate area, given past investment in the sector, and discusses the potential issues caused by slowing growth.

  • 2015-03-13 · Hong Kong

    CKGSB Professor of Finance Gan Jie’s latest survey results on China’s industrial economy continue to make a splash in media from around the world, largely thanks to the unparalleled detail of her research and methodology, which together garner fact-based conclusions that are especially welcome given the notorious unreliability of official data.

  • 2015-03-10 · Beijing

    Like Apple, Xiaomi has developed its own cult following of “fans”. But what does the future hold for one of the hottest companies of the moment? CKGSB Associate Professor of Strategic Management Teng Bingsheng has the answers.

  • 2015-02-25 · Seoul

    Since retiring from his position at Seoul National University last year, Professor Dong-Sung Cho has started a full-time role as a professor at CKGSB, an obvious move given his long interest in China. According to Prof. Cho, since Korea’s economy is increasingly dependent on China, appropriate knowledge about China is essential. First and foremost, he says, Koreans must stop deluding themselves about how well they know China.

  • 2015-02-13 · Seoul

    How do you compare apples and oranges? Which measurement system is better – the one used at the Olympics or the one used at the Academy Awards? It seems obvious that different companies need to be judged using different criteria, but when it comes to SOEs, they are often compared according to the same strict set of rules, as CKGSB Professor of Strategy Dong-Sung Cho explains.

  • 2015-02-10 · Beijing

    It has long been argued – usually by those with cluttered desks – that their untidiness is a sign of genius. But a Harvard Business Review article, co-authored by CKGSB Professor of Marketing Juliet Zhu, shows that a messy workplace hinders efficiency and persistence, while creating frustration and tiredness.

  • 2015-01-21 · Moscow

    Russia’s Gaidar Forum has quickly established itself as one of the premier scientific and economic conferences on the global calendar, attracting business leaders, politicians and academics from around the world. With Russia’s own political and economic predicament attracting extra attention at the moment, this year’s Forum was even more compelling than usual.

  • 2015-01-15 · Seoul

    In an interview with Seoul Economy Daily, CKGSB Associate Dean Liu Jing emphasized that Asian economic integration is not a choice, but a necessity in today’s world. Given the economic competition between the US and China, Prof Liu said emerging countries need to build a cooperative model that is balanced, rather than solely serving each nation and creating intense competition.