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Associate Professor of Marketing


PhD, University of Rochester


Research Areas: Product differentiation, Product line design and pricing, Product customization, Word of mouth marketing, e-Commerce. 







Dr Jing Bing is an Associate Professor of Marketing at CKGSB. He earned his PhD in business administration from the University of Rochester in 2001.


Between 2001 and 2007, he was an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Stern School of Business at New York University. Professor Jing's research interests include mass customization, product line design and pricing, product differentiation, word-of-mouth marketing, etc.




His work has appeared in leading scholarly journals such as Management Science, Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Management Information Systems, Economics Letters, and Marketing Letters. He served on the editorial board of Marketing Science.


His honors include the 2011 Outstanding Researcher Award (CKGSB), Beta Gamma Sigma, Who's Who in Business Higher Education, Who's Who in America, Who's Who among America's Teachers, etc.


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Selected Publications

  1. Behavior-Based Pricing, Production Efficiency and Quality Differentiation, Management Science, accepted.
  2. Lowering Customer Evaluation Costs, Product Differentiation, and Price Competition, Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  3. Customer Recognition in Experience versus Inspection Good Markets, Management Science, forthcoming.
  4. Finance Sourcing in a Supply Chain, with A. Seidmann, Decision Support Systems, February 2014.
  5. Equilibrium Financing in a Distribution Channel with Capital Constraint, Bing Jing, Xiangfeng Chen, Gangshu Cai, Production and Operations Management, Nov-Dec 2012.
  6. Seller Honesty and Product Line Pricing, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Oct-Dec 2011.
  7. Social Learning and Dynamic Pricing of Durable Goods, Marketing Science, Sep-Oct, 2011.
  8. Product Line Competition and Price Promotions, with Z. J. Zhang, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, July-September 2011.
  9. Exogenous Learning, Seller-Induced Learning, and Marketing of Durable Goods, Management Science, October 2011.
  10. Pricing Experience Goods: The Effects of Customer Recognition and Commitment, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20, 2, 2011.
  11. Putting One-to-One Marketing to Work: Personalization, Customization and Choice, with N. Arora, X. Dreze, A. Ghose, J. Hess, R. Iyengar, Y. Joshi, V. Kumar, N. Lurie, S. Neslin, S. Sajeesh, M. Su, N. Syam, J. Thomas, and Z. J. Zhang, Marketing Letters, December 2008.
  12. Finitely Loyal Customers, Switchers and Equilibrium Price Promotion, with Z. Wen, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Fall 2008.
  13. Product Differentiation under Imperfect Information: When does Offering a Lower Quality Pay?Quantitative Marketing and Economics, March 2007.
  14. Network Externalities and Market Segmentation in a Monopoly, Economics Letters, April 2007.
  15. On the Profitability of Firms in a Differentiated Industry, Marketing Science, May-June 2006.
  16. Product Customization and Price Competition on the Internet, with R. Dewan and A. Seidmann,Management Science, Aug. 2003.
  17. Adoption of Internet-based Product Customization and Pricing Strategies, with R. Dewan and A. Seidmann, Journal of Management Information Systems, Fall 2000.