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China insight. Global context.

Who studies at CKGSB? China's most prominent business leaders, for starters. People like Alibaba’s Founder, Jack Ma. Or Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec, China's largest company by revenue and the world's fifth largest company. International business leaders study with us, too. Billionaire Sir Thomas Hunter is one of our alumni, and so is the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Ralph Speth.


Business leaders like these turn to CKGSB because we have the knowledge and networks they need to understand how to do business in China and with Chinese companies. And, most importantly, we offer a global perspective that companies need to secure a competitive advantage in an interconnected economy. Our world-class faculty, who joined us after teaching at leading business schools like Stanford and Harvard, are committed to conducting in-depth research into China's economy and pertinent business trends worldwide. And they are passionate about communicating their insights.


Isn't it time that you study with us? We have two types of Executive Education program:

Programs for individuals
Designed for business leaders who need a global outlook and the skills to work effectively in China and the West. By getting you up to speed quickly about China's economy and the world’s most powerful business trends, these programs will increase your value to your organization and build your network.
Programs for organizations
Tailor-made for the needs and objectives of your organization. Our custom programs are focused on identifying critical issues, shedding light on solutions, delivering value to your senior executives and helping your organization to gain competitive advantage worldwide.


The CKGSB Edge


What makes a CKGSB EE program the best choice for you and your organization? Other business schools come to China as outsiders, but we are true insiders. We were founded in China, and our mission is to help you understand China and the business trends are arising from Chinese companies—but always within a global context.


Our Faculty


CKGSB's professors are defined by their innovative research, top-notch educational background and prestigious past professorships at leading business schools. Many of our 45 full-time, resident professors are natives of China and have held distinguished, tenured positions at top institutions, such as Columbia, Harvard and Stanford, prior to joining the school. They represent the best in global business education and will help you to better understand a complex Chinese business landscape that is rife with opportunity. Learn more.


Our Alumni


CKGSB’s alumni network is recognized as one of the most exclusive in China. You will be connected to China’s most successful private entrepreneurs, leaders of China’s largest state-owned enterprises, and top regional executives at multinational corporations. More than half of CKGSB’s alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level. They are the leaders of one-fifth of China’s most valuable brands and shape more than $1 trillion in annual revenue. Learn more.





Our Partners and Clients


We work with a wide variety of business schools, non-profit organizations, and companies around the world. These partnerships help us give you access to even more business insights and practical information, and help you extend your personal network.


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