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After three decades of unprecedented economic development and social change, China is one of the world’s most promising and hotly discussed markets. The nation is a strong symbol of both the opportunities and the risks that businesses face in the growth markets that will drive the world economy for years to come.

Yet in-depth knowledge and understanding of China remains scarce and many educational institutions do not have the tools to analyze questions such as:

  • What is the interplay between the Chinese state and its flourishing private sector?
  • How will the globalization of Chinese companies affect established firms around the world?
  • Why do foreign firms need to localize for the Chinese market and how can they effectively do so?
CKGSB’s open enrollment and customized executive education programs are unique for addressing these questions with on-the-ground China knowledge taught by China-based experts. This knowledge is delivered to our executive education students through many channels, including: sessions with CKGSB’s leading faculty of China business scholars, site visits to China’s top companies and direct interaction with influential Chinese peers.

Whether holding a forum in London to link together the CEOs of some of China and Europe’s most valuable companies, hosting a senior North American management team at its Beijing campus for a one-week intensive China overview course or teaming up with elite partner schools for a BRIC-focused program, CKGSB builds lasting business ties and imparts to its executive education students timely and practical business, economic, cultural and political insight.


CKGSB centers its approach to executive education around the following principles:

The bulk of CKGSB’s faculty members were born and raised in China and established their careers at top American or European business schools. They have returned to CKGSB for direct access to study Chinese businesses in the same way they once studied leading Western companies. These faculty members present to CKGSB’s executive education participants a unique and vivid portrait of the Chinese business landscape. Interactive engagement with leading Chinese executives lends greater depth and a human face to this portrait.

CKGSB introduces new perspectives on important areas not traditionally associated with business education, such as the relationship between businesses and the state and the role of business in society. Executive education participants gain valuable tools for navigating China’s regulatory structure and implementing effective corporate responsibility strategies.

CKGSB is a constructive innovator that seeks to foster a spirit of collaboration between East and West. Through this two-way exchange of ideas, CKGSB is helping business leaders from around the world to achieve their goal of doing profitable and sustainable business across all their global markets. Join CKGSB Executive Education’s global sharing platform and get inspired about your company’s China business strategy.

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