23 CKGSB Alumni Named on 2021 Forbes China Philanthropy List

In the recent 2021 Forbes China Philanthropy List, 23 of the 100 top Chinese entrepreneurs who had made the most contributions to public welfare were CKGSB alumni. Compiled based on cash donations of individual and corporate donors in China during 2020, this year’s list represents 221.7 billion RMB (approx. US $34.21 billioncash donations made to charity, in which CKGSB 23 alumnis contributions of 63 billion RMB (approx. US $9.72 billion) make up 30% of the total amount.

In addition to the Philanthropy List, CKGSB alumni also had a prominent presence in other lists that Forbes China recently released, amplifying CKGSB’s positioning as the preferred choice for business leaders:

  • 2021 Forbes China’s 50 Best CEO: 7 CKGSB alumni listed
  • 2021 Forbes China’s 100 Top Businesswomen: 11 CKGSB alumni listed
  • 2021 Forbes China’s 50 Women in Tech: 2 CKGSB alumni listed
  • 2021 Forbes China’s 20 Up-and-coming Businesswomen: 1 CKGSB alumni listed
  • 2021 Forbes China’s 100 Most Innovative Companies: 6 CKGSB alumni companies were listed

Since its establishment in 2002, philanthropy has been part of CKGSB’s DNA and core responsibility. CKGSB’s vision is to influence the Chinese business community in addressing societys most challenging problems and sharing best practices in social innovation from China with the world. We are proud of our alumni in their unwavering dedication to give back to society as evidenced in the recent Forbes rankings!

Click here for more information on CKGSBs efforts in social innovation and social responsibility. 



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