Special Lectures in Seoul: China’s Financial Markets and the O2O Trend

June 13, 2016

Special lectures on China’s economy were recently held in Seoul in front of 100 business leaders who are seeking opportunities in China’s extensive market. Professor Li Haitao and several alumni delivered special lectures as the CKGSB MBA program was introduced to aspiring Korean business leaders.

Today, China has grown into a market with new opportunities for global business leaders, based on its huge domestic market. As the need for global business leaders to understand China’s rapidly changing economy grows, so too does demand for education programs.

As a result, CKGSB recently held some special lectures on China’s economy including the financial markets and the latest O2O trend in Seoul in collaboration with Fast Campus, a practical training institution. About 100 C-suite executives in venture business or startups, as well as managers from various MNCs came together to hear about the CKGSB MBA.


On this, prominent Chinese economist, Professor Li Haitao, Associate Dean for the MBA Program of CKGSB, delivered in-depth lectures analyzing the Chinese economy, the Chinese government’s economic policy and China’s future economy under the theme of ‘Chinese Economy & Financial Markets.’ He diagnosed that China’s new growth will come due to structural changes in the economy, reporting the government’s goal for GDP, CPI and M2 money supply in 2016.

“The Chinese government is seeking to stimulate the economy through monetary policy easing and fiscal spending. This will be the new growth engine for China and will play a big role in the future economic development of China.”

-Professor Li Haitao



Business columnist Jeong Joo-Young, who is also a CKGSB MBA graduate, talked in the session ‘After the O2O Revolution.’ With the introduction of the government’s new ‘Internet Plus’ strategy, he explained how Alibaba and Tencent made their own ecosystem and became leaders.

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Description: K:ClientsCKGSB20169_Client & Media Event Project160319_MBA session9_Photos2_EventLow resKMH_5535a.jpg

Martin Zhu (pictured above), Associate Director of CKGSB MBA Program, then explained how best to develop your career in China, stressing the importance of a MBA education for business leaders who aim to expand their own business into China. In the session, the detailed curriculum of the MBA program as well as the career route of various renowned CKGSB alumni was introduced with eye-catching video clips. Zhu also noted the school’s alumni power as well.

“More than half of the 9,000 CKGSB alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, lead one-fifth of China’s most valuable brands. Together, their companies shape over $1 trillion in annual revenue, demonstrating the school’s impact and influence.”

– Associate Director Martin Zhu

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