Seoul CKGSB Professor Talk and Jang Bo Go Scholarship Announcement

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), one of the top MBA programs in China, invites you to join us in Seoul as we launch a new scholarship for Korean students for the 2013 MBA class, the CKGSB Jang Bo Go Scholarship.

The Korean market is a vitally important international market. To help attract the best talent from Korea, CKGSB will announce the CKGSB Jang Bo Go Scholarship on Jan.15th,2013. The CKGSB Jang Bo Go Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship exclusively for Korean applicants. Join us and learn more about the MBA program, experience CKGSB’s China insight, and meet with our professors, Korean MBA alumni, and admission officers.

Event Information:


Jan. 15th, 2013 Tuesday 7pm-9pm


Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seoul (Calasia Room)

Entrance Fee:

FREE, pre-registration required


Time Duration Contents
19:00-19:10 10 min School introduction
19:10-19:20 10 min Alumni Sharing
19:20-19:35 15 min Prof. CHO Dong-Sung’s keynote speech: How should future Korean leader understand and approach China
19:35-20:15 40 min Lecture: The Impact of Interest Rate Liberalization on Chinese Banks, by Professor Ouyang Hui
20:15-20:25 10 min Lecture Q&A
20:25-20:35 10 min Jang Bo Go Scholarship Announcement
20:35-21:00 25 min Networking

Biography of Professors

CHO Dong-Sung

Professor of Strategy and Director of the China-Korea CEO Program 

Ph.D., Harvard Business School

Dr. Dong-Sung Cho has joint appointments as a professor of strategy at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and a professor of strategy and international business at Seoul National University.

He previously taught at Harvard Business School, INSEAD, the University of Tokyo, the University of Michigan and Peking University. Cho has also served on the board of directors for numerous multinational companies and research organizations, including the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration.

Research Areas: Strategy Development and Implementation, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Culture, Business-Government Relations, International Business Operations, Joint Venture, Export and International Marketing, International Resources Development


Professor of Finance

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D., Tulane University

Ouyang was voted the best teacher by Duke’s Global Executive EMBA Class of 2004. He won the second best paper award presented by Review of Financial Studies in 2003 as well as the best paper award (joint with Henry Cao) presented by the Society of Quantitative Analysts in 2005.

Research Areas:Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Integrated Models of Asset Pricing, Moral Hazard

The CKGSB Jong Bo Go Scholarship

Korea market has been identified as our most important international market, to help attract the best talent from Korea, CKGSB is going to announce the Jang Bo Go Scholarship, a full tuition scholarship worth RMB 348,000.


1.  Korean Passport Holder

2.  Undergraduate degree

3.  Two or more years of full-time work experience

4.  GMAT Score 700 or above*

*We accept equivalent GRE Score, Score can be waived during the application process, however a satisfactory result must be submitted before enrollment in September.

How to apply:

To apply for the Scholarship, please go through the application procedure and answer essay question Number Six. What qualities or characteristics do you possess that make you an exceptional choice for the CKGSB Jang Bo Go Scholarship? (Please provide examples when you have demonstrated these qualities. 300-500 words). To be considered for the Scholarship, application must receive before April 8th 2013.

Please visit Financial Aid and Fees.aspx to find other available scholarships information.

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

CKGSB was founded in 2002 with the generous support of the Li Ka shing Foundation and has grown to become the only top business school in China that is non-profit, independent, and faculty governed. The CKGSB MBA is a full-time, 14 month program based in Beijing and taught in English, with courses delivered by international professors who have served on faculties such as Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, and INSEAD. Our faculty ranks sixth among worldwide business schools in research contributions and our professors take up advisory roles in global policy-making bodies. We pride ourselves on unrivaled research and hands-on knowledge of the Chinese market. We are at the forefront of Chinese business education in the next economic superpower. The CKGSB MBA Program is your ideal guide into the new opportunities of this emerging giant.

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