Connecting with 1.3 Billion People: CKGSB MBA Debut Reception in New York

Explore the world of social media in China at a special CKGSB lecture in New York on Nov. 13th. China’s population is connecting and communicating like never before with the explosive growth of social media but the majority of the world knows little about China’s “Facebooks” and “Twitters”. Chinese firms, such as Sina, Tencent, and Tuduo, have moved from being imitators to innovators and a host of new strategies are being developed to utilize these unique tools effectively. Join Prof. Sun Baohong, CKGSB Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Global Programs, to take an in depth look at this exciting subject and experience the unsurpassed insight that makes the CKGSB MBA the world-class MBA program for Chinese business.

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Event Details

Time:               Nov. 13th, 2013,  18:30-20:30

Location:        CKGSB North America
                                 601 Lexington Ave., 26/F, Suite 2640
                                 New York, NY 10022






Social Media in China

Prof. Sun Baohong, Chair Professor of Marketing


MBA Program Introduction

Robert Welch, MBA International Marketing and Admissions Manager


Discussion on Studying and Career Opportunities in China



CKGSB Meet and Greet


Lecturer Details

Professor Sun Baohong


Professor Sun Baohong is the Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing and the Associate Dean of Global Programs. She also directs CKGSB’s Customer Information Management Center. Prior to joining CKGSB in 2011, Professor Sun was Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business of Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Sun received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in 1997 and B.A. from Renmin University of China.

She also serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, and Journal of Marketing. Her extensive consulting experience includes work with major corporations including Bosch, Boy Scouts of America, Highmark Insurance, John Deer and IBM. An active contributor to media discussions on current business issues, Professor Sun’s research has been cited in The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and Bloomberg, among others.

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Understand China from the inside

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Understand China from the inside

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