CKGSB MBA Program’s 10th Anniversary Forum Gathers Renowned Business Leaders to Inspire Future Executives and Discuss China’s Economic Outlook
December 2, 2013

China’s successful business leaders advise next-generation entrepreneurs to follow their passions and take action  

Beijing, December 2, 2013—On November 23rd, the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) organized a forum at the Ancestral Temple at the Beijing Working People’s Culture Palace to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its MBA program. The forum gathered prominent Chinese business executives from a range of sectors, along with prominent CKGSB alumni and current students, to discuss how advanced business education can help groom China’s future leaders over the next decade. Established in 2003, CKGSB’s world-class MBA program has played a critical role in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility in China and beyond. 

During the forum, Xiang Bing, Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization at CKGSB, gave opening remarks saying, “After 11 years of unrelenting efforts, CKGSB has become one of the world’s leading business schools. Our MBA program followed the pace of the school’s development and has achieved so much through its global vision and by serving as a bridge between the East and the West. We hope that more promising young leaders and entrepreneurs will join the program in the coming years, shaping the future outlook of China’s business landscape.” 

“CKGSB’s MBA program has a unique value proposition that combines the rigor of high-end business education and China-specific insights that help business leaders anticipate and confront future challenges,” said Li Haitao, Associate Dean for the MBA Program and Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance at CKGSB. “The program creates a holistic experience for the students—theoretical and practical training, familiarization with business practices both in the East and the West and a thorough understanding of business ethics—which are all vital in achieving success and creating value for society.”

At the event, Chinese business leaders discussed how the world’s increasing interdependence is prompting business executives to find innovative solutions to overcome economic challenges. CKGSB is helping this effort through its agile and entrepreneurial MBA program that provides the research, tools and guidance to help Chinese and foreign students navigate the world’s ever-changing economic landscape.

Zhu Yunlai, President and CEO of the China International Capital Corporation Ltd. (CICC), showed his appreciation for CKGSB’s efforts in the business arena. “With the development of China’s economy and Chinese corporations, CKGSB has created a robust platform for business leaders to learn and communicate with each other and solve our most pressing problems. CKGSB has also made it possible for the next generation of business leaders to have the best management education.”

The distinguished executives also offered their unique insights on how to successfully conduct business in China. Yu Minhong, Founder and President of New Oriental Education Group, advised budding entrepreneurs by saying, “In addition to being passionate about your start-up business, it is also good to work on it on your own for at least a few months before you forge partnerships. That way, you can guarantee your leadership position and decision-making power as the company grows.” 

Yu Gang, Co-founder and Chairman of Yihaodian, a leading e-commerce website, also offered valuable recommendations. He said, “You have to be brave and know that if starting a business were not that difficult, the value you would reap would not be that appreciated. We are lucky to live in the age of the Internet, where we not only observe but also take action.”

Other distinguished guests at the anniversary forum included Chen Jinya, Global Vice President and President of Asia Pacific Region of Alcoa, and Yin Xudong, Chairman of Novartis China, who shared their insights from the perspective of foreign multinational companies (MNCs). They asserted that the China market is going to be increasingly important for MNCs and that companies need to design China-specific strategies to remain competitive. MNCs have many opportunities and challenges in the China market and collaboration with Chinese companies is critical for their development. 

CKGSB is an entrepreneurial institution designed to innovate business education in China. It has campuses in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, aiming to equip future business leaders with the best of business education from both the East and the West. All MBA students are required to complete an overseas module that features hands-on training in Europe or the United States, enabling them to thoroughly understand how to do business in both sides of the world. After graduation, alumni can also access the school’s lifelong learning platform that allows them to take classes, participate in activities and receive guidance throughout their careers.

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Understand China from the inside

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