Experience a New Leadership: Innovative, Responsible and Successful
2018-02-24  - Beijing

While some companies mainly see costs and constraints, others perceive a source of growth and added value. What are the characteristics of these companies, betting on sustainability and more responsible models? Are they forerunners of a new generation of businesses, able to adapt to a complex, fragmented and uncertain environment? How do they implement new types of governance, more innovative, efficient and sustainable? The theme “Experience a New Leadership”, thread of the 2015 program, will strive to answer these questions throughout three main pillars:

  1. The New Prosperity: When Sustainability and Profitability Go Hand in Hand
  2. Innovation for Change: Contributing to the Development of a More Sustainable Future
  3. The Economy of Climate Change: Testimonials and Tangible Solutions, Two Months before COP 21 in Paris

Coming under the second pillar, the session Can Brands Change the Behaviors of Billions? on Wednesday September 23 will be introduced and moderated by Professor Zhu Rui, Associate Dean for Asia and Alumni Affairs, Co-director of the Branding Center and Professor of Marketing at CKGSB. A compelling testimony from business leaders about companies’ responsibility and the role of consumers in the evolution of consumption models will raise the question “Consuming more or consuming better?”

To register for this conference, please click here. The following code can be used for a 25% discount off the registration fee (CKGSB professors, students and alumni only): 0da500fa-6340-4d7a-8161-ba3676fbd8b6

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