Why Earn an MBA in Beijing?

Understand Chinese Business and Politics

Based in the capital city of Beijing, the CKGSB Global MBA program is well situated to analyze the practical realities of business in China, where commerce often intersects with politics.

MBA students study the role of state-owned enterprises as well as private companies and multinationals in the China market. Students also consider the impact of government policies on corporate growth strategies, both at home and abroad.

Connect with China’s Elites

The program’s location offers unparalleled opportunities for networking with influential Chinese nationals and expatriates – some of whom serve as visiting lecturers at the CKGSB campus. Beijing is home to China’s most powerful leaders and serves as headquarters for many top multinationals. It has become a major hub for foremost business executives, economists and thought leaders from Europe, the U.S. and the rest of Asia.

Immerse in Chinese Culture

Offering over 3000 years of history, Beijing offers a myriad of cultural and historic sites to explore. Located a short walk away from the Forbidden City, the CKGSB campus is situated in the epicenter of global wealth and influence. Today, the city’s creative modern art and music scenes attract attention from around the world. Studying here also offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the world’s most spoken language – Mandarin. 

The CKGSB Campus

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CKGSB's Beijing campus is located in the Oriental Plaza, a prestigious commercial center in the heart of the capital. Chang'an Street links the CKGSB Beijing campus to Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City in the west and to Beijing's Central Business District just East. Stretching across three floors of the Oriental Plaza's towers, the campus' classrooms and meeting areas offer stunning views of the Beijing skyline.

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On-Campus Housing

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CKGSB cooperates with Oriental Plaza Apartments to provide full-time MBAs with student accommodations. Oriental Plaza boasts the prestigious address of No.1 East Chang'an Avenue. Strategically located along Wangfujing Street, the development occupies a prime site in the heart of Beijing's city center. The building is 50 meters away from subway lines 1 and 5, and is surrounded by supermarkets, restaurants and multiple bus lines. CKGSB has reserved two-bedroom suites from Oriental Plaza Apartments, each suite to be shared between two students with a total floor space of 138-152 square meters.

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Student Clubs

The CKGSB Global MBA program strives to inspire its students to excel in whatever fields they enter. Successful business leaders display strong social skills and know how to network, cooperate and lead teams. Clubs at CKGSB give students a chance to develop these crucial skills and prepare them for the world outside the classroom.

Clubs are founded and operated by students, and specific funds are set aside each semester to support the events and activities of officially recognized clubs and organizations. Students are also welcome to form new clubs: the only requirements are a great idea and some fellow students who support it


  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Startup
  • China Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Culture & Education


  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Fashion
  • Photography

Community and Skill-Based

  • Chinese culture
  • Communications
  • Modern management
  • Women in business
Student Voices
Choosing CKGSB was a no-brainer as it stands out as the perfect trampoline into business in China. There are lots of ideas I would like to explore while at CKGSB – especially with my peers and faculty where I hope to find a business partner in the process.
Goldman Sachs (UK) / Client
Portfolio Manager, Senior
Analyst/Imperial College
London / B.E. in Engineering
Student Voices
With its world-class professors and fast-growing China market context, CKGSB offers those who aspire to be a business leader international cutting-edge concepts and fresh research on the Chinese market. A close-knit network among alumni and genuine friendships between classmates makes CKGSB a family that I can benefit from. I further believe that the intensive, accelerated one-year program is the right choice to sharpen my business skills in a cost effective and time efficient manner.
Hao Gang, MBA '11 intake
Student Voices
Through its condensed program and bespoke sized class, CKGSB offered me a challenging and really valuable learning experience. The quality of the professors as well as their accessibility during and after the classes helped me to gain great business knowledge and increase my understanding of China. Furthermore, the 12 months of intensive immersion in China is without a doubt the best way to not only understand the unique attributes of this great country and economy, but also build an unmatched local network.
Maxence Perret, MBA '10 intake
Student Voices
I would like to combine data technology with business strategy. Choose CKGSB because it is one of the top business schools in China. Pursue excellence and success will follow.
Accenture China/
Tsinghua University/B.S.
in Computer Science
Student Voices
At this point in my life, I consider an MBA program to be necessary as it will arm me with necessary knowledge and practical know-how to build more bricks to develop my start-up business. I believe that CKGSB is the optimal integrated solution for a perfect 'soft landing' for young professionals like me, who have been away from China for over a decade. I look forward to joining CKGSB to learn the best practices from successful alumni entrepreneurs and inspirational business leaders from China market.
Nancy Yao, MBA '15 intake
Career: Deloitte Auditing, United Emirates Airlines, Start-up
Undergraduate: University of Southern California
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