Curriculum & Courses Overview

CKGSB’s MBA curriculum is designed to immerse students in the best of eastern and western business knowledge through a mix of coursework, in the-field-learning, and real-world experience.

  • Core Business Knowledge
    Understanding Business Essentials
    28 Weeks
    Core courses providing the foundation of MBA learning.
  • China Module
    Knowing China in Depth
    2 Weeks
    Intensive learning about Chinese culture and business.
  • Overseas Module
    Obtaining Global Exposure
    3 Weeks
    Classes at CKGSB New York Office and partner schools, and visits to leading global companies
  • Practical Learning
    Putting Theory into Practice
    5 Weeks
    Real-world projects for leading Chinese and global firms.
  • Advanced Learning & Career Development
    Strengthening Specific Business Expertise
    18 Weeks
    Electives to deepen knowledge on specific subjects. Also reenter job market with career services.
The CKGSB MBA core curriculum are a series of required courses intended to give students a firm grasp on business fundamentals.
Joined by MBA students from world-renowned business schools outside China, our China Module offers CKGSB MBA students the opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights into China’s business and economy, as well as a greater understanding of the innovative business practices used in China, in addition to visiting some of the leading companies in the country.
CKGSB MBA students have the opportunity to participate in 3-4 month exchange programs at schools such as Cornell, Michigan among others.

What Makes Us Different?

In-class incubator

This initiative fosters entrepreneurial thinking and interpersonal skills. Students participate to present their Business Proposals concerning entrepreneurial ideas or real projects in pitch sessions to CKGSB professors, industry experts and investors, and receive professional feedback.

Social innovation

The ability to implement social innovation is becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes and growth phases. CKGSB Global MBA strives to expand students’ vision on global and development issues and encourages them to contribute to solving pressing social issues through closer cooperation between government, civil society and non-profit organizations.

Action Learning Module

Students participate in special learning modules in Shanghai and Shenzhen to gain insights into different business cultures, understand respective business landscapes and broaden their personal horizons through a combination of advanced lectures, company visits and networking events.

Discover CKGSB Global MBA Core Courses

CKGSB Global MBA Core Courses
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