An in-depth knowledge of China and a firm grounding in Western business practices

Our 14-month CKGSB MBA curriculum offers a firm grounding in the fundamentals of global business strategy, theory and practice, while also addressing the cultural aspects of doing business in China. 

Curriculum & Courses Overview

CKGSB’s MBA curriculum is designed to immerse students in the best of eastern and western business knowledge through a mix of coursework, in the-field-learning, and real-world experience.

  • Core Business Knowledge
    Understanding Business Essentials
    28 Weeks
    Core courses providing the foundation of MBA learning.
  • China Module
    Knowing China in Depth
    2 Weeks
    Intensive learning about Chinese culture and business.
  • Overseas Module
    Obtaining Global Exposure
    3 Weeks
    Study at New York City campus, partner schools, and company visits.
  • Practical Learning
    Putting Theory into Practice
    5 Weeks
    Real-world projects for leading Chinese and global firms.
    Strengthening Specific Business Expertise
    18 Weeks
    Electives to deepen knowledge on specific subjects. Also Reenter job market with career services.
The CKGSB MBA core curriculum are a series of required courses intended to give students a firm grasp on business fundamentals.
With Diversified Consulting Projects (DCP), CKGSB MBA students form teams to undertake consulting projects to help solve real-world business challenges.
CKGSB MBA students have the opportunity to participate in 2-3 month exchange programs at schools such as Cornell, Columbia, Michigan among others.
Our mentorship program connects MBA students with high-profile business leaders, including powerful alumni of CKGSB’s DBA, EMBA and executive education programs. You will receive invaluable career guidance and build long-term relationships with mentors to accelerate your career.
What Makes us different
  • Based in Beijing with Global Platforms

    Our MBA program is based in the heart of business in China, with immersive week-long learning experiences focusing on finance in Shanghai and innovation in Shenzhen. Our program also offers overseas modules and exchange opportunities in our New York and London facilities in partnership with Columbia, Princeton and Stanford, among others world-class schools.  

  • Unsurpassed China Insights

    Our faculty, most of whom are from China, have taught at leading universities worldwide, giving them a unique bi-cultural perspective that will help you understand the challenges and opporutnities in today’s fast growing Chinese economy. Our mentorship program will also connect you with high-profile business leaders who are changing the face of business in China.

  • Diversified Consulting Projects (DCP)

    With diversified consulting projects, our students undertake consulting projects in an immersive hands-on experience. You will be working with multinationals, private companies, state-owned enterprises or non-profits in China. These include working in companies such as Tencent, IBM, and GE, to develop solutions related to strategic planning, marketing and feasibility studies, financial analysis, and operational evaluations.

    Why Earn an MBA in Beijing?
    • Understand Chinese Business and Politics

      Based in the capital city of Beijing, CKGSB’s MBA program is well situated to analyze the practical realities of business in China, where commerce often intersects with politics.

      MBA students study the role of state-owned enterprise as well as private companies and multinationals in the China market. Students also consider the impact of government policies on corporate growth strategies, both at home and abroad.

    • Connect with China’s Elites

      The program’s location offers unparalleled opportunities for networking with an influential group of Chinese nationals and expatriates – some of whom serve as visiting lecturers at the CKGSB campus. Beijing is home to China’s most powerful leaders and serves as headquarters for many top multinationals. It’s become a major hub for economists, business leaders and thinkers from the U.S., Europe, and the rest of Asia.

    • Immerse in Chinese Culture

      With over 3000 years of history, Beijing offers a myriad of cultural and historic sites to explore. Just a stone throw away from the Forbidden City, the CKGSB campus is situated in the epicenter of global wealth and influence. Today, the city’s creative modern art and music scenes attract attention from around the world. Studying here also offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the world’s most spoken language – Mandarin. 


      MBA China Module
      Take a look at what students from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business and Spain’s ESIC School of Business & Marketing thought of our intensive 2-week long China module course.
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