Effecting Change Through our
Top-of-the-Pyramid Approach
Effecting Change Through our
Top-of-the-Pyramid Approach
Effecting Change Through our
Top-of-the-Pyramid Approach
Effecting Change Through our
Top-of-the-Pyramid Approach
About the Program

CKGSB’s flagship program reflects the school’s innovative “top of the pyramid” approach to education. This two-year part-time program prepares top business leaders in China to meet future professional and personal challenges, while offering global insights and networks through overseas modules. 80% of the program’s 9,600+ alumni are at the Vice-President level or above at China’s largest private, state-owned and multinational companies. By joining this program—which Forbes China praised as delivering the best return on investment among China-based EMBA programs—you will gain access to the most influential business network in China and cutting-edge insights that are second to none.

  • Unique Program Features
    • World-class, full-time resident faculty best positioned to connect the East and West
    • Unrivaled insights on economic disruption, China’s transformations and regional trends
    • The preferred choice of the most influential business leaders in China and worldwide
    • A forward-looking, innovative and holistic business curricula
    • A global learning platform offered in partnership with world-leading institutions
    • A pioneer in integrating the humanities into business education and fostering social innovation, CSR and global responsibility
  • Recent Student Profile
    • Average age: 41
    • 18 years of work experience and 13 years of management experience
    • 96% are the core decision-makers of their enterprises
    • 72% are at the Chairman or CEO level
    • 18% have obtained degrees of Masters or above
    • 10 classes each year with 65-70 students per class, of which 20% are female
  • Program Structure
    • Two-year, part-time program
    • Taught in Chinese language
    • Awarding a CKGSB EMBA degree
    • The modular courses comprise of four consecutive days each month
    • Classes take place in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, among other locations in China and overseas
    Selected Alumni
    Li Na
    Two-Time Grand Slam tennis champion
    Shen Ya
    Founder & CEO, Vipshop (NYSE: VIPS)
    CEO, GoalBlue
    Liang Xinjun
    Co-Founder & Former CEO, Fosun International

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