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Guidelines for participation
Global Unicorn Program - Guidelines for participation
全球独角兽项目 - 课程参与需知

Fees 费用

All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may occur. CKGSB alumni will be entitled to an alumni rate. Scholarships and financial assistance may be granted to participants from NGOs and the public sector and exceptional women participants.

Program participation 课程参与

  1. Without the written consent or permission of CKGSB, participants shall not, in any form, copy, distribute or authorize others to use all or part of any teaching or promotional materials of CKGSB (including but not limited to: written teaching materials, videos, audios, etc.), published articles, research results, cases, etc.
  2. Without the written consent or permission of CKGSB, participants shall not take photos, make audio or video recordings and/or distribute the teaching process or teaching activities (including opening ceremonies, rituals, various types of lectures, symposiums, seminars, etc.), the teaching environment, teaching facilities, etc.
  3. Participants undertake to keep confidential the personal information and portraits of other participants, CKGSB alumni and professors obtained during and after the Program, and shall not disclose their personal information such as personal contact information, residence, health condition, portraits, etc. to any third party without the consent thereof, and shall not use, in any matter, the names or portraits thereof to conduct publicity or promotion activities in any form.
  4. Participants authorize CKGSB to share the names, portraits, contacts, working information of the participants with CKGSB alumni through the Internet system used by CKGSB.
  5. Participants authorize CKGSB to take photos containing participants’ portraits during teaching, forums, outreach and other activities for communication and souvenir purposes, and publish them in WeChat group of the Program, official Wechat account of CKGSB, or other platforms of CKGSB. CKGSB owns the copyrights of the pictures, videos, negatives or photographs that contain participants’ portraits. CKGSB may feature participants’ study life in its promotion activities, and publications, and using participants’ portraits and personal information, such as names, and working background.
  6. Participants who voluntarily withdraw from the Program shall officially inform CKGSB of their withdrawal in writing, and the following provisions regarding their paid tuition fees shall apply:

    •            written withdrawal notice received by CKGSB 30 or more days prior to the check-in & registration date of the Program100% of paid tuition fees refund.
    •            written withdrawal notice received by CKGSB 5 to 29 days prior to the check-in & registration date of the Program50% of paid tuition fees refund.
    •            written withdrawal notice received by CKGSB 4 or less days prior to the check-in & registration date of the Program0% of paid tuition fees refund.
      Notwithstanding the foregoing, no portion of tuition fees will be refunded in the event that the participant has already obtained the visa, via Program invitation letter, issued by the country where the Program is located.
      The above written withdrawal notice shall be sent to the e-mail address:, and the time of receipt of the written withdrawal notice by CKGSB shall be subject to the time recorded by CKGSB e-mail server.
  7. In cases where a participant is unable to continue the Program due to documented medical or personal emergencies, CKGSB may consider a transfer of the participant to any other program available within the next 12 months on a case-by-case basis. Any such transfer will be at the discretion of CKGSB and will require appropriate documentation by participants.

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