Today, China symbolises both the opportunities and risks that global businesses face, but real knowledge and understanding of how to do business with China remains scarce. We pride ourselves on being the only Chinese business school with a bicultural faculty and the capacity to interpret global business in the context of both China and the West.

  • Headed by Ji Bo, the European team’s goal is to transform widely held opinions of working with China into knowledge in the belief that is what will drive the new frontier of global business leaders. 

  • Our professors, who represent the best in global business education with experience spanning Wharton, Stanford, Harvard and INSEAD, exemplify the school’s mission to create world-class knowledge and global business leadership.

  • We ensure that our knowledge is consistently cutting-edge through our CKGSB research centers and active case studies. We disseminate this expertise through a quarterly English language magazine and CKGSB Knowledge website.

    DIFC Global
    11-12 St. James’s Square
    London SW1Y-4LB, U.K.
    Tel: +44-20-7104-2380

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    CKGSB's European representative office is located at 12, St. James’s Square. St. James's Square is the only square in the exclusive St. James’s district of the City of Westminster. It has predominantly Georgian and neo-Georgian architecture and a private garden in the center. For its first two hundred or so years it was one of the three or four most fashionable residential addresses in London, and it is now home to the headquarters of a number of well-known businesses, including BP and Rio Tinto, CKGSB and the exclusive East India Club. It is also home to The London Library and Chatham House. The square's main feature is an equestrian statue of William III erected in 1808.

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