Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business presents Eurasia’s first unicorn-themed program for next generation business leaders, in partnership with The World Government Summit of UAE, The Executive Council of Dubai, Whampoa Group, Seoul Municipal Government & Maekyung Media Group.


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Acquire unparalleled regional knowledge: Form a holistic perspective and deep dive into the world’s fastest growing regions: GCC, RCEP, and East Asia.

Harness the power of exponential tech: Web 3.0, blockchain, smart manufacturing, AI, rapid prototyping, quantum computing and beyond.

Construct your own regional ecosystem: Gain access to a highly curated network of like-minded leaders, investment bodies, government support and highly relevant local resources.

Thrive in today’s world of accelerating change: Receive guidance from professors, industry experts and successful unicorn founders from RCEP to fast-track your business growth in the region.

Global Unicorn Program Series by CKGSB

With the aim to build a global ecosystem to foster a new generation of unicorns with an enhanced emphasis on global responsibility, social purpose and a long-term perspective, the unicorn programs are tailored to the following organizations and individuals:

Global Unicorn Program in Seoul

This 3.5-day program will focus on areas where Korean unicorns have a unique edge, like med-tech, culture, and e-sports. Learn how some of Korea’s most exciting startups leverage the country’s unique startup ecosystem and develop valuable business opportunities. This program will taught by world-class scholars as well as founders of Korean unicorns such as The Kurly and Yanolja and potential unicorns. As a participant, you also gain exclusive one-day access to ‘Try Everything,’ the biggest global unicorn forum in Korea.


Discover how startups become unicorn companies in an advanced economy with a relatively small domestic market.

Learn how to apply cutting-edge business insights from world-class scholars and founders of unicorns in the e-sports, med-tech and cultural industries.

Participate in one-to-one pitches and networking sessions with influential global VCs and corporate VCs.

1-Day full access to a prestigious unicorn forum in Seoul.

Program Information

  • LanguageEnglish

Global Unicorn Program in Seoul

  • Dates

    Sept 12-15, 2023

  • Tuition

    USD 6,000

    CKGSB Alumni receive a 20% discount
  • Contact
    Madi Yoo

Program Agenda

  • 12th Sept. Tuesday Day 1 - Forum Try Everything (DDP)

    09:00-12:00  Arrival Korea

    12:00-13:30  Lunch

    13:30-15:00  Orientation with Korean Government related start-ups and SMEs

    16:00-18:00  Blue House & Cultural activities

    18:00-20:00  Gala Dinner (三清阁)

  • 13th Sept. Wednesday Day 2 - Program


    • Next Generation Unicorns
      XIANG Bing


    • The Branding And Direct To Consumer Revolution
      David Bell | Former Professor of Wharton School of Business and Founder at Idea Farm Ventures

    12:00-13:30  Lunch and Group Discussion


    • [Try Everything Opening Ceremony] The Attempt and Innovation Leaping to the Top 5 of the Global Start-up Ecosystem
      OH Sehoon | Mayor of Seoul
    • [Key note] The Role of Economic Disruption and Unicorns
      XIANG Bing | Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, CKGSB


    • Scaling by leveraging Your Ecosystem
      Hou Lee | Professor, Stanford

    18:00-20:00  Networking & Reflection

  • 14th Sept. Thursday Day 3 - Program


    • Innovation Tournament: Identifying, Selecting, and Development Exceptional Opportunities
      Karl Ulrich | CIBC Endowed Professor, Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions Research Wharton

    12:00-13:30  Lunch and Group Discussion


    • Company Visit + Lecture
      Kim Jong Yoon | Founder & CEO of Yanolja


    • Company Visit + Lecture
      Guan Wang | President, Gen, G Esport Global Academy

    18:00-20:00  Networking & Reflection

  • 15th Sept. Friday Day 4 - Program


    • Korea’s ecosystem for fostering unicorns
      A professor from a top university in Korea

    12:00-13:30  Lunch and Group Discussion


    • Investment Pitch with Investors
      Chaired by Li Wei | CKGSB and minister of SMEs and Startups

    18:00-20:00  Closing Dinner and Certificate Awarding

Regional Experts
  • Korean Government Official
  • XIANG Bing
    Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, CKGSB
  • OH Se Hoon
    The Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • KIM Jong Yoon
    CEO of Yanolja, Unicorn Company
  • David Bell
    Former Professor of Wharton School of Business and Founder at Idea Farm Ventures
  • Anindya Ghose - Heinz Riehl
    Professor of Business, New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business
  • Perry JUNG
    Founder at Vision Creator Investment
  • Alex Lee
    LB Investment, Shanghai Representative
  • Karl Ulrich
    CIBC Endowed Professor, Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions Research, Wharton
  • Guan Wang
    President, Gen.G ESport Global Academy
  • Li Wei


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