Doing Business with a Changing China
Doing Business with a Changing China
Doing Business with a Changing China
Doing Business with a Changing China
Doing Business with a Changing China
Frances Peterson
I was hugely impressed by the extent to which China has progressed from a planned economy to a market economy and the influence Chinese companies are having on global competition
Frances Peterson
University of California, Los Angeles
Barbara A. Miller
CKGSB continues to get stronger and stronger. From the first year that I was here, I've experienced a tremendously rewarding and successful relationship, because the faculty members are fabulous and the partnership between our two schools continues to grow and strengthen
Barbara A. Millar
Assistant Dean, MBA for Executive Program
University of Virginia, Darden School of Management
NYU EMBA Student
On behalf of our class, I would like to extend a thank you to all of the CKGSB staff for the care and dedication with which we have received. We are beyond happy with the module and learned tremendously about China. Most importantly, we appreciate you made us feel at home.
EMBA Student
NYU Stern Business School
It has been an unforgettable experience, definitely the concept of China is no longer the same after this visit...It's amazing to learn about the country's strategy, how they got where they are at and where they are aiming for. This module has changed my views of how I see things now. THANK YOU, CKGSB.
EMBA Student
INCAE Business School
Great Experience to fulfull knowledge, culture, and understanding of China for future cross-border opportunities.
Richard Lee, Director of Investment Banking, IDC Asesores
2018 CEAL Customized Program Participant
Garett Vassel
I was very impressed with the quality of the program. I have taken a number of courses, and this was a very positive example.
Garett Vassel
Columbia Business School

The CKGSB China Immersion Program is designed for ambitious global executives from leading business schools, associations and multinational corporations around the world. The program, typically one to two weeks in duration, can be customized to your needs. The program consists of selected custom courses on China and its recent economic development, company visits that provide a close-up view of China’s business landscape as well as in-depth networking and learning opportunities with peer CKGSB alumni and Chinese executives. One of the program’s goals is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of China, including its culture, economy, development, challenges and future. The program is designed to offer to the participants:

  • Key success and failure factors in doing business with a changing China

  • Awareness of the challenges faced by foreign companies entering the Chinese market

  • Insights into how to overcome cultural differences and develop connections to local business executives

  • Strategies for selecting local partners for entrance or expansion into the Chinese market

  • Learn about the integration of China’s procurement and manufacturing base into existing supply chains

  • Potential business opportunities for leading and promising companies in a fast-growing China

    China Immersion Program - Doing Business With A Changing China

    CKGSB will take participants to flourishing metropolises and growing second and third tier cities to have a deeper insight of China’s business landscape, social environment and cultural context. Cities and destinations that participants can visit to meet and exchange ideas with Chinese business executives and leaders include:

    • Beijing - China's Political & Cultural Center

      Beijing is a 3,000-year-old city that has been the capital of China for most of the past 600 years. In recent decades, it has gained international importance as
      a political and economic hub, while retaining a rich historical and cultural heritage.

      Population: 21.54 million (as of 2018)

    • Shanghai - China's Financial Center

      Shanghai plays an important part in China as its commercial and financial capital. Shanghai has long been famous for its cultural diversity and modernization since the begining of the last century. Important financial institutions are also located here, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

      Population: 24.18 million (as of 2017)

    • Hangzhou - Paradise on Earth

      Hangzhou is considered a “Paradise on Earth” and is one of the most beautiful cities in China. You can immerse yourself in Chinese southern culture by enjoying a cup of green tea in a quiet teahouse beside West Lake, while comparing the differences with the country’s mega cities. Hangzhou is now one of the most advanced cities in e-commerce and e-payments in China, thanks in large part to Alibaba, the world famous e-commerce giant, which has its headquarters in the city.

      Population: 9.47 million (as of 2017)

    • Shenzhen - City of Innovation

      Shenzhen has been the fastest-growing city in China over the past three decades, raising its population to 13 million from just 30,000. Shenzhen is a young, vibrant city famous not only for its traditional manufacturing industry, but as a center of innovation. In 2014, Shenzhen became a national innovation zone, the only such zone created on a city-wide scale.

      Population: 12.53 million (as of 2017)

    • Suzhou - Venice of the East

      Founded in 514 BC, Suzhou has over 2,500 years of history, with an abundant display of relics and sites of historical interest. The city has been an important national economic, cultural and commercial center of China through history. Since the major economic reforms began in 1978, Suzhou has become one of the fastest growing major cities in the world, amd a focal point of trade and commerce in China.

      Population: 10.68 million (as of 2018)

    • Guangzhou - Port and Transportation Hub

      On the Pearl River about 120km northwest of Hong Kong and 145km north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road, and continues to serve as China’s gateway to the rest of the world, as well as one of China’s three largest cities. In recent years, Guangzhou has been seen as the “bay area” of China for its development in the technology industry, as well as the demographic and cultural advantages it derives from its proximity with Hong Kong and Macau.

    • Academic Sessions
      CKGSB Americas is proud to bring academic rigor and resources to educate you and your business about China. Together we will analyze Chinese cultural philosophies, study the influence of globalization and learn about business model innovation. Our partner institutions and their faculty can impart a rich understanding of concepts central to business success in China.
    • Company Visits
      We arrange visits to industry-leading companies that will provide close-up views of China’s business landscape. Visits will be customized to meet the partner institution’s academic needs and students’ professional interests.
    • Alumni Networking Events
      CKGSB’s alumni group is recognized as one of the most influential in China. More than half of our 10,000+ alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level and, collectively, lead one fifth of China’s leading brands. They work across different industries such as financial services and manufacturing, as well as the high-tech, internet, real estate and retail.

      You will be introduced to, and immersed within, a network of some of China’s successful private entrepreneurs, leaders of China’s largest state-owned enterprises and top regional executives at multinational corporations.
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