Transforming Big Data In Marketing: Less Noise, More Insight

Shanghai, May 30th

In today’s revolution of computer and information technology there is an abundance of readily available information to be exploited as part of marketing practice. It is important to be able to recognize, organize and use data intelligently and correctly. This talk will provide an overview of some basic tools that are useful, or necessary, in understanding consumers and making marketing-related decisions.


Currently in China, marketing data analysis is still in a stage of summarizing frequencies and plotting pie charts. Such simple accounting techniques can barely tap into Big Data’s potential or reveal the important market mechanisms and consumer preferences hidden behind numbers.


Join Professor LI Yang on May 30th for his lecture on developing more sophisticated and useful marketing models, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Big Data marketing.


Event details


May. 30th (Thursday), 19:30 – 21:00 (Reception opens at 19:00)


Shen Ballroom, Portman Ritz-Carlton
(No.1376 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai)

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FREE, Early registration Required.

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Professor Profile


LI Yang


Assistant Professor of Marketing


Ph.D. Columbia University 


Professor Yang LI serves as an assistant professor in the marketing division of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Professor LI received his Ph.D. degree in business administration from Columbia University and has taught undergraduate and MBA classes at Columbia Business School. His research areas include retailing, market structure, consumer choice models and social networks. Prior to joining business academia, Professor LI had earned a bachelor degree in electronics science from Peking University, a master degree in biomedical engineering from Columbia University, and had worked for United Nations in New York. Professor LI currently holds a U.S. patent.


Research Interests: Pricing, Retailing, Market Structure, Consumer Choice Models, Social Networks 


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