The Original “Growth Hacker”, Sean Ellis, Set to Speak at CKGSB
2018-05-26  - Beijing

Growth hacking, a hot new marketing technique from Silicon Valley, aims to acquire and retain users for little or no cost quickly and efficiently. A large number of rising Internet start-ups have used this approach with great success.

In 2010, Silicon Valley-based Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacker”. Since then, this concept has been continuously used and improved upon, becoming a key guideline for user growth teams at Internet start-ups in China.

In a special event, CKGSB invites Sean Ellis, author of “Hacking Growth”, to meet with CKGSB students and alumni to reveal secrets of hacking marketing and growth.

In China, hacking growth is also disrupting traditional marketing concepts:

  • has accumulated over 100 million users since its launch two and a half years ago
  • Luckin Coffee, set up only six months ago, already has 300 stores in 13 cities across China
  • has changed the face of take-out dining trends in China

How do these new firms grow so quickly?

Is growth hacking a threat or a boost to more traditional large companies?

How are traditional business giants adapting?

  • Coca-Cola announced last year that its CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) had been replaced by a CGO (Chief Growth Officer).
  • A 2017 research report shows that eight Fortune 100 companies got rid of their CMO position and re-assigned those responsibilities to the Chief Growth Officer.


  • Building a growth team
  • Cultivating a growth mind-set, through user acquisition, activation, retention and monetization
  • Maintaining the growth cycle

Event Information

Theme: How to be a real “Growth Hacker”

Time: 9:00-12:00, Saturday, May 26

Location: Beijing Campus, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Tower E3, Floor 12, Oriental Plaza, No.1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Language: Chinese and English with simultaneous interpretation

Audience: 150-200

Special Partner:

Strategic Support: CITIC Press Corporation

Registration: please click here.

Speaker Biographies

Sean ELLIS – Author of “Hacking Growth”

Sean Ellis is the co-founder and CEO of, a top growth hacking community with 1.8 million global users. In 2010, Sean coined the term “growth hacker” and launched a growth hacker conference. He has served as a growth officer or consultant for companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Linkedin and others.

Simon ZHANG – CKGSB Chuang Community alumnus

Simon Zhang is an alumnus of the CKGSB Chuang Community and is the Founder and CEO of GrowingIO. He was also the senior director of the US Business Analysis Department at LinkedIn, and has been named among “the world’s top ten leading data scientists” by the US-based organization Data Science Central. At LinkedIn, he built up a business data analysis and data science team of around 100 staff, supporting the high-speed growth of all related businesses with the LinkedIn community.

As one of the earliest growth practitioners in Silicon Valley, Simon currently leads GrowingIO to serve customers with products, enriching domestic growth practices and using data to drive business growth. In addition, he continuously provides cutting-edge data-driven growth methods, experiences and cases from Silicon Valley to domestic companies, leading the development of the Chinese data analysis industry.

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