The differences between Chinese and Western business schools—and how the students perceive each other
May 25, 2013

On May 24, 2013, China Daily published an article about CKGSB's China Strategy Challenge program. Featuring Neil Selby and Oliver Shiell, who lead our London office, the article focuses on the perceptions that Chinese and Western business people have about each other.

"We ask the Chinese and European students to come up with preconceptions of each other, and then we bring the two groups together, and let them confront the preconception the other group came up with," Selby says.


"And it is quite a shock. And then from the shock, you then build. It's actually what eats away at the previous mindset you have. You probably have held that view for 20 years, and in the joint sessions you have something new."

The article also discusses the differences between Chinese and Western business schools.

Shiell says Western business schools are founded on a tradition of educating mid-tier management people, typically those who have worked for a few years and want to gain a more holistic understanding of management theories before returning to the business world.


Chinese business schools have a tradition of educating thought leaders in society, he says, and he hopes CKGSB's entry into Europe will lead to a change there.


CKGSB, which was set up more than 10 years ago with the financial backing of the Li Ka-Shing Foundation, prides itself on teaching China's business elite through its Chinese EMBA programs.


"CKGSB has a decade of experience teaching C-suite executives who have run multi-billion-dollar organizations," Shiell says. "This is unusual for Western business schools, as they have not educated that segment of corporate elite."


Please read the article Learning from each other's experience on the China Daily website.

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