Replenish Your China Business Career by Learning from the Best

January 28, 2016

CKGSB students gain deep insights on biggest O2O trends in China by studying original business cases developed by world class faculty

Is running and doing business with China tougher than you thought?  Are you looking to expand your China-related career options during a time of market contractions?  You can gain insight and make more of China’s economy for your business and career through learning from the best.

CKGSB is the leading business school in china with world-class faculty, unrivalled alumni network, and unsurpassed China insight. CKGSB believes in the value of original research executed with top quality academic rigor. That is why it has one of the most productive and respected case centers in China. Recently, the CKGSB Case Center published an anthology of cases featuring some of most striking and current business phenomenon in China’s dynamic O2O space. The book, titled “Disruption & Innovation”, contains over ten cases on various business innovation and transformation that occurred over the past few years. Uber’s growth in China, electronics darling Xiaomi’s unique business model, and Tencent’s strategic platform growth are studied and featured in the case book. Through organized investigation and deep analysis, the text sheds light on how these leading Chinese companies navigated recent social-economic shifts and market turbulence in China.

While the book is, for now, available in Chinese only, the CKGSB MBA is an English language program taught over a course of 14 months. Professors base their lectures on their research work and provide students with unmatched opportunity to take a deeper look into China’s most current business events. Curriculums features original cases taught using the case method covering a range of Chinese business topics including some of the most watched companies of recent years such as:

  • Tencent’s open platform
  • Xiaomi’s challenge
  • Alibaba’s Micro loan
  • JD’s crowdsourcing platforms

In addition to unmatched China insight, CKGSB also featured unrivalled alumni network. CKGSB is the first and most preferred choice of China’s elite business leaders. Students have opportunities to forge life-long ties with the most distinguished alumni network in China, which includes over 2,500 Chairmen and CEOs, running companies that comprise 20% of China’s most valuable brands.

Finally MBA students are taught by the full-time, first-rate CKGSB faculty. CKGSB has assembled the most distinguished business faculty in China.  Of the full-time staff, 21 professors come from tenured positions at top 30 business school and the school ranks 6th globally for per capital publication in top-tier academic journals in 2011.

To purchase Disruption & Innovation, please visit Amazon.

To learn more about CKGSB’s MBA program, please email or call admission manager Jerry Wang at 139 1041 3453.

Understand China from the inside

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Understand China from the Inside

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