Prof. Teng Bingsheng in The Edge Singapore: How CKGSB Keeps Business School Curricula Relevant
September 8, 2014

Amid criticism that business schools lack relevance when it comes to real-life business management practices, Associate Professor of Strategic Management at CKGSB Teng Bingsheng recently spoke to The Edge Singapore to explain how CKGSB is keeping business-school curricula up to date.

Speaking to The Edge reporter Gwyneth Yeo, Teng said:

”At different stages of our programs, we bring industry experts into our curriculum. And we involve our students in mini-consulting projects, where they can keep in touch with business reality. On the one hand, we want to teach people knowledge; on the other hand, we have to [nurture] creativity. That’s the difficult balance that business schools have to strike.”

Teng, who gave up a tenured position at George Washington University in 2006 to join CKGSB, also explained why many leading faculty have followed his lead and are returning to China:

“I realized that China is where the action is, and I want to be close to the action. CKGSB has a great platform, with the best students and the best faculty, which is not common in the US. Even the best business schools in the US do not foster that kind of environment.”

Please find the full article on the The Edge Singapore website.

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