Korean EMBA Module 1 Completed: China’s Macro Economy and Big Picture
December 30, 2015

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The first student intake of the CKGSB EMBA on China Business for Korean Leaders

CKGSB EMBA on China Business for Korean Leaders has successfully completed its first module in Beijing from December 10-13 under the heading ‘China’s Macro Economy and Big Picture.’ Providing extraordinary insight from the faculty, company introductions and hands-on experiences from alumni, in addition to various networking opportunities, the module’s sessions and programs received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the students.

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Dean Xiang Bing at the session ‘China’s Transformation and Its Potential Global Implications’

Dean Xiang Bing analyzed the backdrop of China’s development and its success since 1978 diagnosing its limitations so far, at the first session ‘China’s Transformation and Its Potential Global Implications.’ He cited internal economic factors such as human resources in China, overseas Chinese and urbanization as key factors to overcoming stagnation in the ‘New Normal’ era. He also pointed out the aging population, the gap between rich and poor and environmental pollution as challenging factors in China.

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Professor Leslie Young at the session ‘China’s Growth Path – Comparing & Contrasting with the West’

The next day, Professor Leslie Young’s session was held under the heading ‘China’s Growth Path – Comparing & Contrasting with the West.’ By comparing the development models of UK, USA, Brazil, Russia, Japan and China, he concluded that China’s change in the socialist and centralized economy has been achieved by a combination of overall acceptance for development models from the the countries mentioned above. In addition, he talked about the AIIB, the BRICS bank and the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative.

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Professor Li Wei at the session ‘Reemergence of China: Causes, Effects & Prospects’

On the third day, Professor Li Wei conducted in-depth discussions about the ups and downs of China’s economy under the theme ‘Reemergence of China: Causes, Effects & Prospects.’ Noting that the cause of China’s reemergence comes from an “ideological shift”, which means a transition from communism to GDP-centrism, Professor Li presented related changes in policies. He also introduced the latest issues of the public sector, the private sector and foreign companies in China, in order to further the Korean students’ understanding about China.

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Networking dinner with all students and CKGSB faculty

Valuable networking chances were also given to students on the last night of the first module. All students and CKGSB faculty had a networking dinner to deepen their relationships and chat more informally. By exchanging opinion on China-Korea business issues, the hope was that the students would promote fraternity among the group and build ‘guanxi’ which can lead to potential business opportunities.

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Professor Li Wei at the session ‘China’s Economy Under the New Normal’

Professor Li Wei continued his session ‘China’s Economy Under the New Normal’ on the last day. Students had the time to understand China’s economic trends by analyzing short-term risks and learn about the CKGSB Business Conditions Index (BCI). Professor Li Wei’s lecture had a great impact on the students with his in-depth analysis and practical data about the current situation in China.

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Students’ Company Introduction Session

Students of renowned business leaders in Korea introduced their companies at the end of the session. Kook-Hyun Moon, President of New Paradigm Institute and Moon-Soo Kim, CEO of SMATOOS Inc. shared their know-how based on their own practice in the program. Below is some of the feedback received after the module:

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“It was a totally new experience taking lessons through the eyes of “the best faculty in China” with on-site knowledge. I am really looking forward to the next module.”

– Yong-Jae Min, CEO of YJM Entertainment

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“I‘m really satisfied with this first series of classes. Great people and great content.”

-Alberto Mondi, Deputy Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

The next module, ‘Strategic Marketing in China,’ will be conducted from January 14-17, 2016, at CKGSB’s Shanghai campus.

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