IMD and CKGSB partner to offer World Class Dual Executive MBA
March 13, 2014
  • IMD-CKGSB Dual Executive MBA combines the best of all worlds in executive business education
  • Only program with a curriculum that unites Western and Eastern approaches to learning
  • Ensures participants build the knowledge and networks to succeed in business between China and the world

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) have today partnered to offer fast-rising executives – who want to differentiate themselves from their peers, achieve their full potential as business leaders and generate value for their organisations – the IMD-CKGSB Dual Executive MBA.

The Dual Executive MBA recognises that China is an important engine of the global economy; and that individuals who know how to take advantage of the age of China will be best placed to lead their company in a rapidly evolving international business environment. It seeks to enable tomorrow’s leading executives to access the opportunities in China and lead the way in securing their organisation’s growth and success.

Professor Dominique Turpin, IMD President, said:

In China, IMD found that CKGSB is an ideal counterpart. Both are private institutes – they are not part of larger universities, whether private or state-owned. Both are focused on the world of business, and are experts at executive education. Furthermore, both pride themselves on high quality and work with high-level executives from the leading companies.”

Dr Xiang Bing, CKGSB’s Founding Dean, said:

Finding the right alliance is crucial. It’s vital to have a partner with the same values, the same commitment and a similar reputation. We are therefore very pleased to be working together and look forward to a successful collaboration. Executive education is in both our DNAs and we strongly believe that participants will benefit from this opportunity.”

The IMD-CKGSB Dual Executive MBA will have one intake a year and will be completed over 20 months. It is structured in two stages: the ‘Foundation Stage’, from February through August, and the ‘Mastery Stage’, from September through the following September. The Foundation Stage begins with distance work, followed by three residential weeks in Switzerland, and then three residential weeks in China. The Mastery Stage is composed of five week-long modules over 12 months, with coursework and written assignments carried out on a remote basis.

Professor Phil Rosenzweig, IMD’s Program Co-Director, said:

Although the language of instruction and coursework is English, we are seeking to ground the program in a perspective that is neither explicitly nor even implicitly Western, as much as both East and West. Before we address business topics, we want first to locate commerce and management within a social and historical context.”

Neil Selby, CKGSB Director of Executive Education, said:

We will begin by forging an understanding of comparative historical, philosophical and social systems. Topics such as power and authority, commerce and exchange and innovation and creativity will be grounded in an East and West context. In addition, the extent of written work, with an emphasis on value at the sponsoring companies, is a distinctive element of the IMD-CKGSB Dual Executive MBA.”

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