“If You Want Your Working Wife To Be Successful, Help Around the House”

November 06, 2014

At a Women’s Leadership Forum held in Beijing, China on October 31, Chosun Ilbo Interviewed the former anchor of China’s state-run CCTV Yang Lan, now the Chairperson of Sun Media Group. She said, “While 61% of women and 74% of men participate in economic activity in East Asia, many women quit their job because of parenting and other reasons, so that women account for less than 10% of company executives.”

Yang Lan, chairperson of the Sun Media Group as well as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador said that “according to UN Women’s recent research, GDP increases as the ratio of women’s economic activity increases.” Ms. Yang added, “If it is difficult to be free from parenting and housework, women can think of alternative ways to continue their careers. For example, establishing a business using the internet, where there are fewer restrictions on time and space, could be one of those solutions. If you do your best at every moment and strive for happiness rather than for outperforming men, women can work for a longer period of time.”

“On Korean TV Show ‘Dad, Where are we going? (Chinese version)’, you can find fathers and children traveling together for 2 days. In that program, fathers take care of the children, instead of mothers. If men actively shared responsibility like the men do in the TV show, women’s career obstacles can be easily overcome.”

At the Women’s Leadership Forum hosted by UN Women and CKGSB, many business leaders including Fang Yuyou, CEO of Chinese cosmetic brand Proya, Julia Broussard, UN Women Country Program Manager, Geoff Wilson, COO of KPMG Asia Pacific, and approximately 300 other businessmen, professors and students participated.

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