If You Want True ‘Guanxi’, Study at CKGSB

December 01, 2014

Forbes Korea recently covered CKGSB in a special feature in their December edition, in which Dean Xiang Bing talks about the school’s unparalleled alumni network, and the school’s plans for expansion. Not only will 2015 see the launch of the new Dual Degree EMBA Program with IMD, but the focus will widen from business in China to global leadership and global ownership.

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, once said of the school that, “In just a few short years, CKGSB has become widely recognized as China’s leading executive business school.” CKGSB has Chinese campuses in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and runs international offices out of Hong Kong, New York and London. The faculty is composed of great scholars who received tenured professorships from world-class universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton and MIT. The programs that CKGSB offers include MBA, EMBA, FMBA and a CEO Program.

Xiang Bing, Founding Dean of CKGSB said, “So far, about 5,000 students have graduated and most of them would be considered as the ‘top of the pyramid’. 20% of the founders or chairmen of China’s top 500 companies studied at CKGSB, while notable alumni includes Jack Ma, Founder and CEO of Alibaba, Li DongSheng, CEO of TCL, the world’s sixth-largest TV manufacturer, Fan Min, Founder of Ctrip, China’s top online travel agency, and Fu Chengyu, Chairman of Sinopec. Dean Xiang said, “In the last year, the companies which are led by CKGSB alumni created annual revenue of around USD 1 trillion, which is almost 12.7% of China GDP. Becoming a CKGSB alumnus means you become a part of this network.”

Dean Xiang continued, “To put the Chinese economy into words, they would be ‘open’ and ‘wide’. China is providing opportunities to many companies in the world, but the competition is intense. So, in order to succeed in the Chinese market, it is necessary to have broad and in-depth knowledge of Chinese market. While most of the change in the US is created by firms with new technology such as Apple, Google and Facebook, on the other hand in China, the change depends on a greater number of factors like the government’s regulation, newly-built high-speed railways, intellectual property problems, regional economic integration and so on. If you want to know China, and if you want to run a business in China, you need to study at a Chinese business school!”

Its representative program, the CKGSB EMBA, targets current CEO and chairmen. About 75% of EMBA students are above the vice president level both at private firms and SOEs. From next year, the CKGSB-IMD Dual EMBA program starts. As this program is co-founded with IMD from Switzerland, prospective students can receive a degree from both schools. Dean Xiang said, “This program is desirable for the executives from Korean giants as well as company owner’s successors. So far, we have focused on the business in China, but from now on, we are going to research global leadership and global ownership.”

To read the original article, please see here on the Forbes website.

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