Fostering Cross-Country Economic Leaders
April 18, 2014

April 17-18, 2014 – The 2nd DongA Economic Leaders Academy (DELA) Overseas Networking Program’s Completion Ceremony was successfully hosted by CKGSB in Beijing. DELA students, including Korean financial corporate executives and government officials from financial authorities were certified. CKGSB has been co-hosting this program with DELA in which prominent Chinese and Korean financial experts forecast China’s financial and capital markets and share their opinions. 

At the ceremony, DELA students briefly shared their thoughts on the program. Jong-Seung Kim, Chief of Korea Investment & Securities, said that “CKGSB managed the programs in a very professional manner and the quality of the lectures was outstanding. It gave me an impression that EMBA programs in China are much more advanced than those in Korea”. He also added that Professor Liu Jing’s lecture on the topic of Chinese reform as well as Dean Xiang Bing’s “China’s transformation and the global effect” were especially impressive. Joong-Hyun Park, Editor of the Economics Desk of the Dong-A Ilbo, commented that “the high-standard lectures were very helpful in truly understanding the Chinese people. This type of insight is very hard to get in Korea”. Seung-Man Kim, Executive Vice President of Korea Federation of Banks, said that “I am very impressed by the passion of the lecturers, as well as the school’s great facilities.”

CKGSB also hosted a speech session on the current circumstances and regulatory trends in the Chinese financial industry, where students shared their opinions and knowledge with CKGSB professors and local business leaders. Dean Xiang Bing said that the “Chinese growth model is facing a limitation caused by the widened income gap, lack of corporate innovations and environmental pollutions. However, based on its vast experiences crossing socialism and capitalism, planned economy and market economy, China has a strong potential to overcome such difficulties”.

Having successfully organized two consecutive DELA programs, CKGSB has announced to continue its commitment to fostering the future financial leaders across Korea and China. 

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