Ecosystem Strategy: History and New Frontier

Innovative online companies are reaping huge rewards by creating business ecosystems that expand beyond the traditional boundaries of a firm. Apple’s famous ecosystem that combines hardware (IPod), software (ITunes), and service (ITunes marketplace), Facebook’s developer-consumer-advertiser ecosystem, and the seller-buyer-service vendor ecosystem of Taobao are just a few notable examples. How to monetize as well as grow a successful ecosystem has become a critical question for companies. For start-ups, what are the opportunities presented by an expanding ecosystem?  Based on cutting edge research, Prof. Zhang Kaifu’s lecture will dig deep to understand the online marketplace and uncover the key aspects for ecosystem strategy.

Event Details


Oct. 30th (Wednesday)


19:30 – 21:00(Reception opens at 19:00)


Four Seasons Hotel(Wei Hai Road No.500)


Free, but advance registration is required

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About the Speaker:

Prof. Zhang Kaifu

Kaifu Zhang holds a Ph.D degree in Management from INSEAD. His most recent research explores both theoretical and empirical issues related to media, advertising and the Internet. He has worked with various on-line companies, using data analytic tools to derive insights on customer relationship management, monetization strategy and resource allocation. Prior to his career in management research, he worked in computer science and had multiple publications on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He graduated with a BE degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

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