Dean Xiang Bing’s Speech at the Asian Leadership Conference Highlights China’s Confucianism and Openness
April 3, 2013

Dean Xiang Bing of CKGSB gave a speech at the 4th Asian Leadership Conference on March 27, held in Seoul, South Korea. Hosted by Chosun Media, the Asian Leadership Conference is a renowned gathering of leaders from business, government and education. Under the theme of Asia’s Next Challenge: Good Growth & Smart Welfare, Dean Xiang highlighted China’s economic policy and a political system for development based on Confucianism and its openness, which was well received by the audience.  

“Chinese capitalism is stronger than any other. Its openness will drive China to become the number-one country in the world. Chinese policies are more open than those of any other country in the world” said Dean Xiang. He argued that China’s open policy didn’t get properly recognized because most of the trade is exported by foreign companies. Dean Xiang also presented the historical background of China’s openness, “Every dynasty with an open policy was successful. In the Tang Dynasty, it was common to see foreigners from Japan, Iran, or India appointed as government officers.”

Dean Xiang claimed that China’s political system based on Confucianism is another key to the country’s ongoing success. “China’s elites work for the government because Confucianism states that working for the community is the best occupation.” China has reached its current success through the elites’ strong leadership. In addition, he anticipated that the trend in the rest of the 21st century will be shifted from Western individualism to a society based on Confucianism. “Because Confucianism values co-existence, it respects diversity. Confucianism deeply rooted in China will make China thrive even further,” he said.

While also maintaining an objective, critical attitude towards the existing problems in China, which include unbalanced wealth distribution, pollution, lack of innovation and price competition, Dean Xiang emphasized his positive view on China’s future. “China is becoming a fair society,” he answered to the question from the audience about changes in China, “The old Chinese government did not take care of urgent patients if they did not pay, but now it provides care first. The effort to become a fair society is continuing.”

Prior to his speech at the Asian Leadership Conference, Dean Xiang had media interviews with top Korean publications including Dong-A Business Review and Fortune Korea.

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