CKGSB’s Four Hour MBA Inspires Expats’ China Dreams
May 13, 2013

For a young professional, Catherine has an enviable job. She graduated from the University of Toronto before joining Goldman Sachs HK as an investment banker. Three years ago, she relocated to their Beijing office. But looking at the future, Catherine is anxious about how to understand China and take her career much further in this emerging giant.

Daniel, who is a consultant in China, has acquired most his business experience by starting three international companies. But he finds himself in a disadvantaged position when talking to clients in China, as he has no “magic letters”, representing graduate degrees, following his name on his business cards, neither does he have as many Chinese business connections as his rivals.

So, both signed up for a four-hour MBA experience, hosted by CKGSB MBA program on May 11th, 2013 at its Beijing campus, to find out more about business education in China.

CKGSB’s four-hour MBA experience has been tailored for expats with the ambition to build their careers in China. It offers expats the opportunity to sample a top MBA through lectures on the unique China insight that multinational firms are searching for, as well as top career advice that helps foreigners build China careers. “To be successful in China, expats should possess China-relevant knowledge and skills that provide the greatest value for global organizations operating in the Mainland,” said Pauline Deng, senior manager of the CKGSB MBA program.

Amid a brutal job market for foreigners and growing concern that experience outside of China may not translate into real-world success in this country,though many expats have come and stayed in China for months, even years, they still fear they lack what it takes to be consistently successful in a nation that is a mix of a 5000-year old civilization and hectic economic growth. Even accomplished professionals like Catherine and Daniel are eager for any potential edge.

Professor TENG Bingsheng, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean of the CKGSB European Campus, discussed business expansion into the world market and business model innovation, which are based on extensive academic research on business practices of local enterprises. Larry Wang; the CEO of Wang & Li Asia Resources, China’s 2008 recruitment firm of the year; gave detailed advice on how to be successful as a foreigner in China’s job market.

Participants also had the chance to network with CKGSB alumni and current students, who shared the impact MBA study at CKGSB has had on their professional development. Most CKGSB alumni mentioned the highly customized career services provided by CKGSB Career Management Center. “From identifying career interests to introducing high value job opportunities, polishing resume, and providing interview practice, CMC staff is always there to provide individualized guidance and support,” says Lisa Yang, MBA student of Class 2012.

Rory, who is working in the Beijing office of an international organization, found out about the four-hour MBA event from an online community. She is now considering to apply to an MBA program in China. “This event allows participants to experience study life at one of the world’s best business schools,” she said.

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