CKGSB’s European leadership team visits IMD
March 13, 2013

Schools will launch two new joint programs in autumn 2013

March 13, 2013

The European leadership team of China’s Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) was at IMD last week to finalize details of two new joint open programs between the schools.

“China will cast its influence around the globe, and Europe is a natural place for that to happen,” said Bingsheng Teng, Associate Dean of CKGSB responsible for Europe. “I see a tremendous opportunity for two leading business schools to work together to create value for clients in both China and Europe.”

“We want to be the first Chinese business school to disseminate Chinese management knowledge around the world, and Europe is high on our list. But we’re still building our name recognition in Europe, so it makes a lot of sense to team up with a leading business school,” Mr Teng said.

Bingsheng Teng (left) and Neil Selby (right)

So why did CKGSB, the leading independent Chinese business school, choose IMD?

Partly, it was because faculty from the two schools had previously worked well together. Mr Teng himself taught on a four-day family business program in China in 2009 with IMD Professor Joachim Schwass. “This worked fabulously – it was a really positive experience,” he said.

Another key factor for CKGSB was the similar profile of the two institutions. “IMD is a world-leading institution in executive education, and we also see ourselves as an executive education-oriented business school,” Mr Teng said.

Each of the two new programs will feature faculty from both schools.

The China Strategy Challenge (CSC), which aims to give senior executives the knowledge and networks they need to succeed in China, will take place at IMD from September 2-5, 2013.

The first half of the four-day CSC program will focus on China’s global impact. The second half incorporates sessions with senior Chinese CEOs to compare, contrast and resolve Western and Eastern leadership and management styles.

CKGSB has an impressive alumni network, including the heads of leading Chinese companies such as Alibaba Group, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Tsingtao Brewery Group.

Neil Selby, Director of Executive Education for CKGSB in Europe, said exposure to Chinese CEOs on the CSC program will help western executives avoid some of the biggest mistakes in doing business with China, and will give them some major pointers to forming effective relationships with the Chinese.

“Western CEOs need to develop a realistic understanding of China. The more they understand it, the less anxious they will be,” Mr Selby said.  

The second joint program, Outward to the World, is designed for Chinese companies seeking to expand abroad. This will take place at CKGSB’s Beijing campus in October and is aimed at Chinese CEOs.

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