CKGSB’s 2019 China CEO Program Launches as it Assists Global Business Leaders Acquire China Knowledge and Partnerships
May 28, 2019

[May 12, 2019, Beijing] On May 12th 2019, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ (CKGSB)  2019 China CEO program was launched at the school’s Beijing campus with an insightful ‘Global CEO Dialogues’ event. The event saw engaging discussions on technology innovation and the economic outlooks of China by the program’s 15 global business leaders alongside more than 80 Chinese corporate executives and CKGSB alumni.

15 senior global business leaders at ‘Global CEO Dialogues’ event

As a considerable player on a global stage, China racks up one of the most enviable growth rates in the world. Today, it is a major market for multinational companies seeking new growth. The revenue for foreign invested enterprises increased 12-fold between 2000 and 2017, according to China’s National Statistics Bureau. CKGSB, China’s only independent business school with an impressive network of influential business leaders, provides the perfect platform to those looking for on-the-ground insights into China business and trustworthy long-term relationship with Chinese partners.

In the opening keynote speech, Sheng Xitai, Chairman of Hongtai Capital Holdings and VP of CKGSB Beijing Alumni Association, addressed the importance of entrepreneurship and technology innovation to the future of China’s economy, “The birth of a new economy, a new economic cell and a new business form is the hope of a new country.” He further elaborated on the growth momentum for new business opportunities and disruptive technology innovation in the mobile Internet age, stating that “In the mobile Internet age, it is China’s first time to be ahead of the world in a long period. The rest of the world is transitioning from ‘copy to China’ to ‘copy from China’.”

Sheng Xitai, Chairman of Hongtai Capital Holdings and VP of CKGSB Beijing Alumni Association, giving the opening speech on entrepreneurship and technology innovation in China

Assistant Dean and Chief Representative of CKGSB Europe, Ji Bo, also delivered an insightful presentation on “How 5G can change the world” detailing 5G’s application and upcoming implication to various industries such as e-commerce, transportation and logistics, and healthcare. “The future development of our society will lead to a blurry line between the virtual world and reality. 5G is our bridge to this future world,” explained Ji.

Ji Bo, Assistant Dean and Chief Representative of CKGSB Europe, giving a keynote speech on “How 5G can change the world”

The event provided exclusive opportunities for the program participants to engage and become part of China’s influential and trusted global leadership community. “China is the most exciting and dynamic global economy where the opportunities to learn from and work with China’s preeminent business leaders is a unique opportunity, under the guiding hand of China’s leading business school CKGSB,” explained one of the program participants, Stephen Fern, Chairman of G9 Private Office. “The scale of the opportunity can be overwhelming but working with the right people who know how to navigate the Chinese business world opens the door to this vast market place.”

China CEO program business leaders exchanging thoughts with CKGSB alumni during a networking section                                                         

The China CEO is a 6-day intensive program taking place from May 12th-17th in 2019, designed for globally-minded, entrepreneurial business leaders who see their future strategy closely aligned with the growing opportunities presented by China. With successful experience and expertise from various industry backgrounds, including finance, energy, education, real estate, publishing and e-commerce, the participants gain valuable insights on technology disruption, capital market development and most importantly winning strategies in China, which significantly strengthen their business strategies in the ever-changing China market.

Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization Xiang Bing sharing his insights on China’s Transformation and potential global landscape with the China CEO Program

Check out a few reasons why Owen Davies, CEO and Chairman of Enthuse Group, chose CKGSB’s China CEO program.

Business leaders were also able to visit seven global, leading and innovative Chinese enterprises including Alibaba, NIO, 3NOD, Tencent, KPMG Innovation Centre, Fosun and VIPKid.

China CEO program participants visiting Alibaba to better understand China’s developed e-commerce sector 

The global business leaders visiting Tencent and learning about its business growth in China

China CEO program participants at VIPKid, founded by CKGSB alumna and is now the largest online education platform in China

The program also involved five networking events for global business leaders to meet and engage with CKGSB’s elite alumni, successful entrepreneurs and the local government. Cultural activities like morning TaiChi and cultural shows offer the opportunities for business executives to appreciate Chinese culture, which is equally important as professional knowledge for business success in or with China.

The global business leaders discussing with the Deputy Head of Jianggan District and other government officials


Taichi class in the morning

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